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Glenn Beck on Steakhouse Liberals

George Clooney eats Max?

George Clooney eats Max?

In the likely event that you don’t watch Glenn Beck‘s evening rants on CNN, you might actually want to check out two recent ones wherein he took on the inconvenient topic of Al Gore’s meat-eating ways. They were two of the few segments I’ve seen that didn’t warrant hatemail. Beck’s first commentary was accompanied by powerful images of meat-eating-environmentalist-celebrity-types including George Clooney, who promoted the TerraPass in Syriana, drives a Tango (or at least owns one), had a pot-bellied pig named Max as a pet for nearly twenty years, and somehow manages to eat meat with a clear conscience.

On Beck’s second show, he outted himself for his colossal “meat footprint.” He invited Matt Prescott of PETA to join him, and though Beck clearly is wanting in the compassion department and doesn’t find any ethical issue with his behavior, at least he went on national television to discuss the link between meat-eating and global warming. It’s oddly inspiring that he is able to admit to his own culpability.

Perhaps exposing the hypocrisy of so-called environmentalists will embarrass them into changing their climate-changing ways. If it works, it will have been worth sitting through his schtick and promoting it.


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    Love that we are finally getting to this ‘meat footprint’ piece! Thank you for sharing all these links/good info bits.

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    as a lifelong (33rs) vegan i find the snark remark about Gore rather annoying. why? because the man has done SO MUCH more than nearly anyone, in raising awareness in a thoughtfuf and intelligent manner, about an issue that’s forefront in importance and intimately connected to our own (Vegan choice/lifestyle) –and affects EVERY animal on the planet. thus, Gore is not “perfect” nor are you nor i–but he’s probably done more for enviromental awareness “call to arms” against the rampant destruction of our planet, than the most holier than thou/strict vegan and/or their flow of recipes, will accomplish in a lifetime.

    the man is an exception, and exceptional, and for that reason alone you should have considered this. now with a little tact or plain old common sense, you would have perhaps pointed out what you did (his meat eating ways) ALONG WITH a commentary on all the good he’s done too (and still doing). because it’s a lot. no doubt more than you’ll ever have room for on this blog. sincerely.

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    Why is Al Gore above criticism? Environmental spokespersons send the wrong message when they eat a meat-centered diet. Maybe if enough people point out his glaring almost-ommission in “An Inconvenient Truth” – DIET – he’ll include it in future projects and maybe even lead by example. Plus a vegan diet would probably be good for his health and waistline.

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    Glenn Back is not on CNN. Glenn Beck is on FOX. Do a little fucking research.

  5. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

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    Glenn Beck left CNN for FOX in 2008. This article was written March 25, 2007. Do your own research.