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Gluten-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies in NYC

Filed under: Food New York City Sweets

I need chocolate chip cookies by the truck-full to live, medically speaking. But now I can’t have just any chocolate chip cookie, thanks to this life-sucking gluten intolerance (life is so hard for little Sam!). And who wants those cheater gluten-free cookies held together with eggs that probably have salmonella, am I right?! So this post is for you, you vegan celiac troopers! Chocolate chip cookies in NYC, what what!

Coconot oil, plus vanilla, plus a variety of g-f flours and flaxseed meal make for a complex, slightly nutty cookie. This guy’s a crowd-pleaser, soft on the inside and crispy around the edges with small-to-medium chips, and he’s of considerable size, too, about the same as an ice cream sandwich’s chocolate chip cookie. You can make this cookie your very own for pretty cheap, or, to save some dough (ha!), bake it at home using the recipe from the Babycakes cookbook. Babycakes also sells a cookie sandwich that squishes their delicious icing between two of these cookies ($5). Eat it frozen, and: Ooooh yes. Height of indulgence.

Oh, secret, insider information! You can also find Babycakes chocolate chip cookies at Stogo!

Tu-lu’s (formerly Tully’s)
Ah, sweet, sweet highway robbery. Tu-lu’s cookie is my absolute favorite, THE BEST chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had, no question. But at about the circumference of the bottom of a regular-sized cupcake, the $2 price tag threatens to burn a black hole in my pocket, maybe sucking me into another dimension where I can eat bagels again, I hope? In case my word means nothing to you, in which case, why are you reading this?, the Tulu’s CC is soft with small chips, and as chewy as gluten-free gets. Obviously delicious with a glass of soy milk, which they have. Yay!

about $2.25
Lifethyme usually has a gluten-free vegan cookie, often a raw, gluten-free vegan cookie (such an accommodating dessert!), but I haven’t tried theirs because something about the curiously white cookie part always turns me off. If you’ve eaten one of Lifethyme’s cookies, comment and let me know what it’s all about!

Finally, I’ll just mention a couple of packaged cookies for the desperate and weary. Liz Lovely makes these adorably, if slightly over-packaged, chocolate chip cookies that come two in a pack for $3.99 at Whole Foods and apparently also other places. About the size of a Linden’s chocolate chip cookie with medium-to-large chocolate chips, they have a nice salty/sweet taste but are the absolute crumbliest (she said, as one fell apart in her hair). Last time I had these they didn’t fall apart like moist sand, so this might have been a circumstance of being in my kitchen cabinet too long. Oh yeah, and Liz makes lots of vegan, gluten-free goodies that look aMAzing.

Lucy’s cookies are available at these fine retailers, most famously at Starbucks. To me they are very packaged-cookie — crunchy and dry and somewhat tasty.

That’s all I’ve got for you, so if you or anyone you know is aware of more gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies, leave a comment so I can keep my blood sugar at unmentionable heights, thank you very much!


  1. Comment by

    Ali - YumVeggieBurger

    on #

    I always eat too many cupcakes at Babycakes to have room left to try any of their other treats… I didn’t realize they had a cookbook though! that’s awesome.

  2. Comment by


    on #

    i too am gluten-free and it’s pretty impossible to find a yummy vegan & gluten-free cookie in a bakery of sorts here in rva. i love the liz lovely ones, and the trick with the chocolate chip cookie from them is to stick it in the freezer, too. i keep a bunch in there as well as the double chocolate fugdy gluten-free ones they make as well. so yum! i head up to NYC about once a year to visit my bro and only knew about the cookies at babycakes – hooray for more options now! superw00t & thanks!

  3. Comment by


    on #

    My friend Becky makes the most amazing gluten free vegan cookies, the best cookies I?ve ever had, including before I went gluten free!

    She personally makes batches of cookies just for you with substitutes just for you, the things you are staying away from eating. I asked her to make me a batch of cookies free of gluten, diary, eggs, and vanilla. She made the best cookies I have ever tasted. They were plain cookies dipped into chocolate, and put together like a sandwich with cinnamon creme in the middle and decorated with walnuts and coconut flakes on the top. I could not believe they were so good! I was sad to have to go gluten and dairy and egg and vanilla free due to allergies, and Becky is a lifesaver and works magic in the kitchen :)

    Her online etsy shop is here : and he shop name is LeBeckery :)

    She ships anywhere in the United States, including New York.

    And if anyone has some ideas of how I can help her to reach more gluten free vegan people, please let me know, these cookies are too good!!

    Thank you so much!!