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Gluten-free, Vegan Cupcakes? Easy: OMG Delivers Directly to Your Mouth

OMG Cupcake

After eating this I might have wept a little.

That’s Oh My Gosh Cupcakes, and yes, they will make you shout their namesake phrase. This afternoon I sat down with a couple of friends to enjoy the goodies Andie and her crew baked and delivered (on time and beautifully packaged in corn-based plastic cupcake holders). Let’s meet the edibles!

Carrot Cake
The first cupcake we tried, the carrot cake concoction, is my favorite, and I’ll tell you why: it is perfect. I know you can barely stand superlatives so I have to explain myself the only way I know how — with a list.
1. The carrot flavor is king to the raisin and vanilla peasantry.
2. It has a tight crumb without being too dense.
3. The sweet, decadent icing complements a cake that could knock a man down on its own.
4. Extra points for mini carrot decoration on top.
My only complaint is that it contains raisins, but I can’t criticize it for that since most people like raisins and wouldn’t call this carrot cake without them. If you like raisins, or even if you aren’t hot on them, take it from a woman who usually can’t stand ’em: you will love this cake.

Maple Cinnamon
Oh, these are really very good. A little dry, yes, but they offer a powerful blend of maple and cinnamon that’s just right for fall. Again, a lovely, sweet frosting with a not-so-sweet cake. Hand me the almond milk, Sally.

Vanilla Agave
Oh, Vanilla Agave cupcake, you are so close to perfect. Your cake is aromatic, your crumb is just right, you have a round, sweet flavor. But alas, you are topped with a too-sugary frosting (especially for an agave cupcake). Without your topping, you’re a 10.

Red Velvet
This is not a cupcake; it is a work of art. Look at that adorable AND classy heart atop the frosting and the deep red coloring of the cake beneath. Just look at it! Eating it is a slightly different story, though. I thought it was a little bland, and the frosting didn’t taste like cream cheese to me, just vanilla.

Double Chocolate
I thought this one would be my favorite, but it was a bit dry and not chocolate-y enough. More wet ingredients, please.

Caliente Hot Chocolate
An adventurous take on an old staple, the Caliente Hot Chocolate cupcakes have a lovely spicy/sweet aftertaste. They’re a little crumbly because they’re so darn moist, but hey, hip, hip for moist cupcakes!

In conclusion, I think OMG Cupcakes saved my life. On my recently limited diet I didn’t think I’d make it another week without something bread-like. (Really, I was totally going to sneak a bagel at some point. No one would have known except my victimized body.) I would never have guessed that these flavorful, delicately decorated morsels are gluten-free. Thank you, Andie and company for these wonderful treats!

OMG offers vegan, gluten-free, and traditional cupcakes. They deliver throughout New York City, free of charge between 96th Street and Canal Street with a $24 order. These sweet sweets are available at Elm Health (1st Avenue and 88th Street) and Cafe One (Amsterdam and 139th Street). You can also order them online at

This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.

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    Gee, I guess there just aren’t enough vegan cupcakes in the naked city.