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Got Milky’D? Fro-yo in L.A.

The numbers may have been a little off (it opened way late), but I can now vouch for the rest of my Milky’s post. I stopped by a couple Saturday’s ago to taste their frozen vegan treats. Here’s what I found:

-It is, indeed, self-serve. This is good because you can START and END at the toppings bar and build a foundation layer of rainbow sprinkles, the proper way to do it. This is bad because it is near impossible to not self-serve yourself way too much, and of course, you pay by weight.

-There were four vegan spigots, but one was out of service. The flavors available were original vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. A Neapolitan waiting to happen.

-There was not a separate vegan toppings bar. There was a dried goods bar (i.e., the aforementioned rainbow sprinkles and another fav, graham cracker crumbs) and a fresh items bar (i.e., fresh fruit). There was also a giant jug of Ghirardelli chocolate syrup which looked vegan to me.

-This stuff is sour! I have been vegan so long, I have never experienced this, but apparently it’s all the rage with Pinkberry et al. The lady at the register said it’s “Greek Style” yogurt. It was quite a shock. Even with the flavor masked by all those sprinkles, it was still mighty sour.

-If you “check-in” you get 20% off your order. That’s a lotta sprinkles.


  1. Comment by

    Cranky Convert

    on #

    It “LOOKED” vegan? Is that the standard now? fyi… IT AIN’T. check it out:

    also, not to ruin anyone’s day, but rainbow sprinkles are made of… BUGS. That’s right, BUGS.

    check it out part 2:'s_glaze

    until Superman starts blogging here w/ his x-ray vision, I’m not going to trust what someone tells me “LOOKS” vegan.

    till then I will continue to be a lover of all plant based foods, not animal based ones.

    (and don’t get me started on graham crackers… aka ANOTHER FAV… does that rhyme with HAVE? as in, it usually have honey in it!!!)

    If that’s LA’s idea of vegan I’m staying right here THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Thanks so much for your comment. Your crank is so charming on a Monday morning! You are absolutely right, you should never trust anything anyone ever says, ever. Especially Superman. That guy lied a lot.

    These were the ingredients on the chocolate sauce (that I did not have any of):
    sugar, water, fructose, cocoa, natural flavor, unsweetened chocolate, potassium sorbate (a preservative), salt, soy lecithin (an emulsifier)

    So yes, it LOOKS vegan to me, but it very well may not be. I wrote to the people at Milky’s twice asking questions about the veganity of their products but never heard back, so thanks for doing the leg work on this one.