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Green Peas 2.0

After what felt like an endless renovation, Green Peas Casual Food in Culver City, CA finally re-opened yesterday. It was packed! There were balloons! Check it out:

My sandwich is better than your sandwich! That one’s the New Lemon Pepper Chicken. Who’s that in the middle of the bottom row? Why that’s TeeVee’s Laura Innes! They still have Jamaica’s Cakes (I had Strawberry Vanilla). And have you tried their pea soup? It’s unlike any you’ve had before. Look at the steam rising off that cup!

The food is still great, and maybe a little more great, with some new menu items and special dinner specials planned, but I’m not so sure the 6+ months of down time was worth it. The new space, while supposedly a vast improvement for the staff (the nicest people ever), is less so for the diners, other than that our food should be ready faster now and apparently there’s a patio in the back (I didn’t see it). But the once big open floor plan is now broken up into several smaller-feeling spaces that don’t flow nearly as well. And though the chalkboard wall menu is still in the same spot, the registers are in a little nook off to the right. This is problematic because when huddling in the check-out, the menu is out of your line of sight.

Welcome back, Green Peas, we’ve missed you! NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN.

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