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Green Season

Elle: The Green Issue

Elle: The Green Issue

Earth Day was last week, that means it’s green season again! The May issues of Elle and Vanity Fair both have “The Green Issue” on their covers as if it is something they do every year (it’s the first time I’ve noticed it at least). I say every issue should be a green issue!

Nonetheless, on the whole, the articles are quite good. Most of VF’s articles are a little too political for me, but those into that will like the Al Gore and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stories.

What I like are the featured nifty new products (VF), updates on organic labeling, eco-friendly beauty and fashion finds (Elle), in addition to companies that make useful and planet conscious merchandise (found in both mags). There are too many to list here and once I start, I’ll want to list the next one and the next one and…

I really enjoyed Jenny Feldman‘s feature on fashion designer Stella McCartney. This gal is going places. McCartney’s four and a half year old namesake label is high fashion with a higher consciousness than most major brands out there today. She uses no animal by-products, only recycled shopping bags and her London flagship store is powered by “ecotricity wind power.” Total fetchdom! She says, “We have to try to push the boundaries a little and propose an alternative to what’s been going on in the history of fashion.”

McCartney, 34, was rumored in 2000 to have turned down a position at Gucci because she would have been required to work with leather. I love a gal that sticks to her water guns. The soles of the shoes she creates have SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS etched into them. “We’re just trying to have a bit of a giggle, a bit of fun. It’s all very discreet, not in-your-face.”

My face is all smiles as more designers and fashion forward pioneers continue to “go green” and make cruelty-free clothing look increasingly marvelous.

Take time to browse both issues. If you don’t want to buy them, visit the library and read them. Also, write in or e-mail to comment on what you like (or would like to see in the future). Contact Vanity Fair at and contact Elle by using their online web form. With continued positive feedback more mainstream publications will embrace going green.

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