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Greenpoint Welcomes The William Taft Vegetarian Diner

Veg Greenpointers and American History buffs have reason to celebrate in the recently opened William Taft Vegetarian Diner. It’s the only all-vegetarian eatery in the ‘hood, and the first Greenpoint restaurant we’ve added to our restaurant guide. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner food simultaneously from 8am til Midnight, and bake their own muffins, cakes and pies on premises.

Though the WTVD was named after the 27th president on a whim, the Taft theme runs throughout. Upon walking in the place, diners are confronted by a huge freestanding bathtub full of the jelly beans–an ironic meeting of the girthy president’s favorite food and mortal enemy. (Taft was trapped in the White House tub several times before a huge custom one was installed.) The menu features cheeky dish names like “Fantaftic sandwich” and the “Whoa, Nellie Taft!” salad (named after the first lady). The diner also has a mustachioed logo, as Taft was the last prez to sport porntaftic facial hair.

The atmosphere at the WTVD is pretty low-key (fluorescent lights, linoleum tiles, the restroom in a curtained-off back room full of “mess” which a sign says was blessed by God), but the friendly punk biker kids working there and the old-time Greenpoint locals who drop by add flavor and distinction.

Check out their myspace page to find out about their upcoming back-room movie screenings which start next week. Apparently you can BYOB, thought Taft might not have approved. Go eat there, then leave a review on SuperVegan!

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    Re: taft cafe:
    Is a basic, but real website that hard? Having a myspace page makes sense, but it should be in addition to an actual site.