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Happy Thanksgiving from Team SuperVegan!

The best thing Laura ever ate on Thanksgiving was this Fiery Sweet Potatoes recipe. (Photo and recipe from the New York Times.)

The best thing Laura ever ate on Thanksgiving was this Fiery Sweet Potatoes recipe. (Photo and recipe from the New York Times.)

We wish all our readers a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving! Hopefully you’re sharing a superb vegan feast with friends and family. (If you’re in NYC and looking still looking for a place to go, check out our Thanksgiving restaurants round-up.)

What’s the best thing you ever ate on Thanksgiving? We asked that question of ourselves and here’s our answers.

Deborah Diamant: My favorite edible item ever is my grandmother’s apple pie. Every important event of my pre-vegan life involved a bunch of brown-sugar-soaked granny smith apples between two layers of perfectly flaky dough. The last thing I knowingly ate that was not vegan? My grandmother’s apple pie during Thanksgiving 2001. The best thing I’ve eaten during a Thanksgiving meal? My aunt’s vegan version of my grandmother’s apple pie, which made its first appearance at Thanksgiving 2002. Thank you, Mom-Mom and Aunt Leda!

Samantha Cohen: Honestly, I don’t have a single Thanksgiving food memory that isn’t wrapped up in “[Generous family member] made this and LOVES me!” sentimentality so I warn you, you can’t trust a thing I say! But in the interest of answering this question: The first Thanksgiving I was vegan I ate a Tofurky my mom bought and loved it. Not sure if A. it was truly delicious, B. I was starving for a meat substitute, or C. I’m having a nostalgia party over glutenous foods I can no longer eat. Whatever. Tofurky all the way!

Laura Leslie: The best thing I ever ate on Thanksgiving was the Fiery Sweet Potatoes recipe I found in the New York Times. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was super easy to make and absolutely delicious–the coconut milk, Thai red curry paste, and brown sugar are the perfect combination to go with the creamy roasted sweet potatoes.

Roseann Marulli Rodriguez: I think the best thing I ever had on Thanksgiving was something I made from Veganomicon: Isa’s Caramelized Onion-Butternut Roast With Chestnuts. I can eat chestnuts until I explode, and roasted with the squash, onion and cannellini beans–wow! Sweet and savory and absolutely delish. Root vegetables and the like don’t play all that well in the Sunshine State, though, so I’m at a loss for what to whip
up this year…

Cat Clyne: One year I had the fortune of having the Now & Zen un-turkey, seitan wrapped in fake skin and stuffed with yummy stuffing. With gravy. But the company doesn’t exist anymore. It was so awesome. I got it frozen at the Park Slope Food Coop. It was savory and we added potatoes and onions I think, which roasted along with the un-turkey thing. Also, on a goofy note, I do love Thanksgiving potlucks because you never know what you’re gonna get. But with vegans, it is always awesome.

Jason Das: I am annually greatful that my family discovered this Cranberry Chutney recipe in the November 25, 1987 New York Times. Obviously, these days we substitute a vegan sweetener for the honey. (And actually reduce the amount of sweetener overall–it doesn’t need much.) While it contains some counter-intuitive ingredients (dried apricots?!), this stuff is really delicious. It’s far more interesting and nuanced than standard cranberry sauce, while still packing plenty of cranberry taste and tang.

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    Joe Snow

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    thanks for tip on the recipe! It turned out great, though I think I would double the curry paste. I posted pictures on my website. Thanks again!