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Happy World Vegetarian Day!


It’s our month–let’s party!

Today is the 30th annual World Vegetarian Day, which kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month. (Yay for all our spurious semi-holidays!)

Created by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977, today has a dual purpose. One: let’s celebrate how awesome we are! And two: let’s harangue our omnivore friends into going veg for a day!

If you’re in it for the fun, a quick Google search pulls up events around the world: Dublin, San Francisco, Houston, all over New Zealand, and, of course, Brooklyn.

Many events took place over the past weekend, and there’ll be more throughout the month. Of particular interest to the food-obsessed is Vegetarian Restaurant Week, October 21-27, with events in Brooklyn, Harlem, Raleigh, and Atlanta.

And if you’re into that whole smug sense of superiority thing, you’ll find plenty of resources for guilt-tripping meat eaters. NAVS has a whole set of pamphlets, postcards, and posters. The media is full of little articles summing up the issues (perfect for forwarding to reluctant family members!), and I actually quite liked this blog post.

And since you catch more flies with honey (er, not that you’d be catching flies or using honey), why not lure in your omni friends with the promise of good food? This is the perfect time to treat them to Vegan Treats donuts, Babycakes cupcakes, or dinner at one of the top ten vegetarian restaurants in NYC. Then when they’re telling you how surprised they are that the food didn’t suck, slip a Why Vegan into their pockets.

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