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Real, authentic photograph taken when I was sleeping

Real, authentic photograph taken when I was sleeping

To fall asleep, I count the leaves of kale in Bliss‘s Harvest Plate. The chocolate chips in Birdbath‘s vegan cookie. The dollops of vegan cream cheese on a bialy. The grains of salt in a basket of Mother’s sweet potato fries. I love me some very particular foods from all over this vegan-friendly city. Let’s face it—you can’t get everything you want from one source. There are far too many outstanding vegan dishes in New York to settle down at any one restaurant all day, so, to have the perfect day of vegan eating, you’re going to have to move around a little bit. This is my theoretical favorite foods day.

Brunch at home. There are two things that ruin the first and most important meal of the day for me everywhere else. And please, for the love of brunch, correct me if I’m wrong on either of these points. 1. All restaurants make tofu scramble with nutritional yeast, which I can’t stand, and 2. No restaurant serves Lady Grey tea, anywhere. (I am kind of a packaged tea aficionado, which I realize gives me absolutely no cache in the real world of people who don’t throw tea parties on Boxing Day.) There is not space or time here to describe the elaborate spread that would make the perfect brunch. But there was in this post, in which a few SuperVegans gathered to test recipes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s latest cookbook for the potatoiest, scrambliest brunch in the land.

Mid-afternoon cookie at Birdbath (Build-a-Green-Bakery). I remember the day I fell in love with these, which I will now reminisce on. One tingly January night just before closing, the fellow who often works here in the evenings gave Matt a chocolate chip cookie when he ordered one of those sesame-agave diddies, saying that there was something wrong with the cookie and it had come out “too soft.” Too soft?! It turns out this is the perfect cookie, and from then on I’m just sneaking around Birdbath waiting for this guy to undercook his cookies. But as of a couple months ago, the cookies seem to be coming out consistently, wonderfully soft, which of course means I now have to pay for the perfect cookie. I like to eat this with soy milk, which they don’t serve by the glass at the bakery, so I have to bring my own in a canteen and eat the cookie at Tompkins Square Park, by the dog run.

Dinner at Candle Café. If you ask me, you cannot order anything less than the best meal you’ve ever had at Candle Café or Candle 79. Of all their spectacular offerings, my favorite is the cashew-crusted seitan with mixed greens, mashed potatoes, and oyster mushrooms. When I ate this in June, I couldn’t stop poking the mushrooms wondering if they’d served me white meat. Sadly, this wasn’t on the menu when I visited last weekend. Fooey. Maybe this gaping hole in my gustatory life will inspire me to learn to crust things like only Candle does.

I’m stopping here because I’d hate to dampen my palate with anything else after dinner at Candle, and because I refuse to get into the dynamics and subtleties of eating vegan ice cream that have sparked an unspoken war between Lula’s fanatics and Stogo zealots.

Finally, I’m free Saturday if anyone wants to make this dream a reality.

And now, your turn. Tell us about your favorite foods day!

This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.


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    Breakfast: French toast at Counter in NYC or brunch buffet at Sweet Pea in Portland, OR.

    Lunch: Vegan panini at ‘sNice Brooklyn

    Dinner: Veg Dim Sum House with, at least, 15 friends!

    Dessert: Cake batter softserve with peanut butter cups at Lula’s.