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Heather Mills Cooks Up a New Image

Ex-Mrs. McCartney plots media domination, and lunch.

Ex-Mrs. McCartney plots media domination, and lunch.

It looks like Heather Mills is going to host a vegan cooking show. My first reaction was, Great! It’s always pissed me off that the so-called Food Network won’t air even one cooking show that doesn’t feature slaughtered animals. (Cue my daydreams about V-TV, an all-veg, all-the-time network that does for veg*ns what Logo does for LGBTers.) But while Mills says she can’t wait to “share details of her vegan lifestyle,” she also says she hopes the show will make her more sympathetic and that she can’t wait to be the next Oprah.

Maybe the ends justify the means—if seeing the show will convince more people to go veg, then more power to her—but for once it would be nice to see someone forging ahead with completely altruistic motives. Or am I just being naive?


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    al oof

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    maybe the means will justify the ends.

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    I hope this ends up being more positive then negative. I think it would be cooler to see someone who hasn’t been in the spotlight get a vegan show, but maybe this will open the door.

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    It’s always pissed me off, too, that Food Network doesn’t have at least one veg cooking show. However, there is a channel I get on satellite called Veria that has a vegan cooking show called Naturally Delicious. Here’s a link:

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    Her vegan products are far from being good. There is a lot of much better choices available in Europe.