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Help Get Foie Gras Banned in New York!

Tonight was the first planning meeting of the NYC Say No to Foie Gras Campaign.

Jivamukti, which generously donated the space for this and future meetings, was filled with people interested in putting an end to this cruel practice. But to get the legislation passed, more volunteers are needed. The good news is, there are so many ways to get involved—name a skill, and there’s probably a way you can use it to benefit the campaign. Some of the ways you can help:

  • Contacting chefs and restaurants and asking them to sign a pledge not to serve foie gras (click here for a list of establishments that have pledged not to sell foie gras)
  • Passing out literature and educating people about the horrors of foie gras production
  • Writing letters to the editor, and contacting local and national newspapers and asking them to cover the issue
  • Helping the League of Humane Voters persuade legislators to support the ban
  • Doing outreach at high schools and colleges

Any and all bright ideas are welcome! If you have useful contacts and/or an innovative way to reach restaurateurs and the public, Farm Sanctuary wants to know. To do your part, contact volunteer coordinator Wendy Berner at or 646-369-6212. You can also e-mail me for more information.

Here’s something everyone can do, your friends and family included: If you dine at a restaurant and notice foie gras on the menu, leave a specially printed card, available through Farm Sanctuary, that lets the management know that while you enjoyed your dining experience, you oppose foie gras and urge the eatery to stop selling it. The cards are business-size, so you can carry a bunch with you and pass them out wherever you go.

Help us make New York foie gras free!

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