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Help Save Angel’s Gate Hospice!

Susan Marino and Victor LaBruna have been caring for sick and injured animals for more than a decade. But if their neighbors get their way, Angel’s Gate Hospice will have to close its doors.

Marino and LaBruna run Angel’s Gate out of their Long Island home. But some Fort Salonga residents have complained of “noise” (no instances of which have been substantiated), excess trash (ditto), and “strange” and “weird” people coming and going (AG volunteers include members of the Long Island Head Injury Association). They’ve even asked the board of Smithtown to amend town codes in a way that will make it impossible for AG to continue its work. If the residential codes are changed to exclude hospices, Angel’s Gate will be forced to relocate or shut down. As of the latest board meeting, on June 27, the matter was still unresolved.

Angel’s Gate’s offers love and medical treatment to some 200 animals whose families can no longer care for them, and they do so via donations and volunteers. Help them keep their doors open by signing a petition and calling or writing Smithtown officials. And help them raise funds by joining their 3rd Annual 5K Run for the Animals on Saturday, July 15, by running, sponsoring someone else, or simply making a donation.


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    Denise Di Salvo

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    You should take this off of your site. Promoting them is condemning pets to hell. They are tortured with neglect and they should be shut down. Marino should be shot because of the cruelty. I have cared for animals for 20 years and have a degree in animal science. I could take care of them better than she can!! Someone fund me! I’m no vet but neither is she and at least I know what I am doing…..

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    Do you realize you are promoting an animal abuser?! You really need to look at the PETA undercover footage that has been released. The place MUST be shut down.