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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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Help someone go vegan, or make a new friend, with L.O.V.E.’s Vegan Pen Pals Project

Grab a pen and make a pal with the Vegan Pen Pals project.

Grab a pen and make a pal with the Vegan Pen Pals project.

With the widespread adoption of the Internet, the art of letter writing has sadly gone the way of cave painting. However, over at the L.O.V.E. Collective (Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation), of which I am a co-founder, our new Vegan Pen Pals Project seeks to keep letter writing alive while promoting veganism and community-building in the process. L.O.V.E. is looking for vegans or aspiring-vegans all around the world who can commit to writing one letter each month (or more).

Pen pals can:

  • support new vegans in their transition into veganism
  • share ideas for activism in their communities
  • make art, music, or poetry for one another
  • trade vegan recipes
  • … or anything else that comes to mind!

The letters are routed through a central PO box (in the United States), so participants’ mailing addresses are only shared with the program moderators, not with other participants.

The project was launched on January 1st, and already several happy vegan pen pal partnerships have formed. I have a vegan pen pal who lives in France, and not only are we sharing recipes and ideas for activism, but I am practicing my French skills and she is practicing her English (which, incidentally, is way better than my French).

You, too, can practice your language skills or make a new friend by signing up for the Vegan Pen Pals project today!


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    this is awesome!!! i just signed up :)

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    done and DONE! :)

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    done, also shared on facebook