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Hiking the Appalachian Trail the Vegan Way

Tim, Mia, Meg (left to right)

Tim, Mia, Meg (left to right)

The Appalachian Trail runs 2,174-miles from Maine to Georgia. Hippies People who hike the whole distance are known as “Thru-Hikers.”

Maryland natives Meg, Tim, and their canine companion Mia have dubbed themselves the Vegan Thru Hikers and they’re keeping a blog of their trip. Things are still in the preperatory stages for now; the trio hit the trail on March first.

Their hike is also a fundraiser for Release and Restitution who fight for, well, release and restitution for laboratory chimps.

We wish them well, and hope they have a great trip and raise lotsa dough for the chimps!


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    We’re everywhere!

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    I thru hiked The AT in 1999 and did not know one vegan who completed their thru hike. I knew vegans who didn’t make it because they “ran out of gas” from the diet. And I knew one great hiker, who was a vegan off the trail but a vegatarian on the trail because the vegan diet didn’t give him the fuel he needed. If you’re serious about thru hiking The AT and maintaining your vegan diet, I suggest you start on March 1st and give yourself til Oct 15th to finish. I am not a vegan or a vegatarian but I did thru hike The AT in 159 days so I’ve been there. That being said, good luck and if you prove me wrong, more power to you.

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    I am vegan and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail this year! I didn’t meet another vegan hiker until I finished the trail and got in touch with one other guy that had been behind me. We’ve been working on a blog about backpacking vegan, you can find it at Check it out!