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Hyperbolic Habayit

Next time you’re craving a falafel, jump in a car, get on a plane, step in a tele-porter, I don’t care just do what you gotta do to get yourself to Los Angeles’ west side and Habayit Restaurant, specifically. My undying XXXXXXL love for hyperbole aside, this is the #1 Best Falafel In The Universe.

Unless you have GPS or Heebvision, you will probably drive right past it. Luckily, I have both and glasses, so I was able to spot Habayit hiding in the corner of a nondescript strip mall. There were a couple of visual clues:

1) a Falafel —-> sign on the street

2) a KOSHER sign over the door.
The restaurant is the small kind of place where if someone is attending you, it’s the owners: Amir and/or Pnina Simyonov, a married couple that puts so much love into their food, it seems like they might not have any left over for each other. Or you. Or maybe that’s just Israeli ‘tude. I don’t know, but it’s so charming!

After ordering, we received a complimentary plate of various pickled things: cabbage, horseradish beets, and olives. Americans don’t eat enough pickled things. There, I said it. Then, the falafel came, with a ramekin of green hot sauce and another of extra tahini, and I am deep fried born again. The falafel nuggs are crisp and full of flavor, moist but not greasy. The Israeli salad inside is fresh and crisp and delicious. The pita is super thick and doughy and warm. And those sauces, oh those sauces. The hot is made of serranos, cilantro, parsley, garlic and olive oil, and the tahini is thick and creamy and not bitter at all.

Kind of pricey at $7.95, but better than a trip to Israel, a place where there is no word for ‘tact’.

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