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I always knew that one day the fashion world would catch up with me

vegan fashion

There’s something obscene about spending $700 for a handbag, no matter how vegan it is.

The New York Times has a big article today on the trendiness of vegan fashion.

National chains like Whole Foods; boutiques like MooShoes, a New York outlet for imitation-leather wallets, belts and bags; online stores like Pangea; and eco-minded labels like Moral Fiber, Real Fake, Novacas (no cows) and Matt & Nat are encouraging shoppers, even those merely flirting with a “cruelty free” diet, to embrace its precepts not just in the kitchen but in their wardrobes. To their minds, vegan chic, once an oxymoron, is a glossy new marketing handle. Clothes and accessories once shunned for their aura of hair-shirt deprivation have acquired a hint of luxury.

I’m not quite sure what to think. I’m glad that it’s getting easier to find vegan stuff; I’ll definitely check out some of the stores mentioned.

Of course, the problem with tying veganism to fashion trends is that fashion is fickle, and from the sound of this article, most of these people would just as easily be buying leather if it were the trendy thing. And isn’t it a little sad when something that’s supposed to be about respecting life turns into just another excuse for excessive consumerism?


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    it’s Thursday styles, whaddya expect? they never reference anything that costs less than $300 and they think Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix sparked the new vegan trendiness because they are like sooo cute omg. savor it, though; they won’t be printing the word ‘vegan’ for another year or so.

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    This is a vast improvement for the New York Times, who have devoted a lot ink to portraying vegans as humorless ascetics. The last time I recall Alicia Silverstone making it into the fashion section, she was starring in the television show Miss Match and the show’s stylist was making fun of her requirement that her wardobe be cruelty-free. There was also once a charming little story from Amanda Hesser about how she tricked a vegan ex-boyfriend into eating bacon.

    I’ve been reading the New York Times for years, but it’s hard not to feel alienated by their tone sometimes.

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    frank language

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    April writes:

    There was also once a charming little story from Amanda Hesser about how she tricked a vegan ex-boyfriend into eating bacon.
    What fun! I take so much crap for my “lifestyle choices,” I honestly don’t care what the New York Times thinks.