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I Do Feel Lucky, Dirty Harry is Vegan!

Interesting quote from a feature article on Clint Eastwood that ran in the Los Angeles Times:

People ask him to autograph rifles, but Eastwood is no Charlton Heston. A vegan, he was distressed to hear Hillary Rodham Clinton boast recently about bagging a bird. “I was thinking: ‘The poor duck, what the hell did she do that for?’ I don’t go for hunting. I just don’t like killing creatures. Unless they’re trying to kill me. Then that would be fine.”

Thus providing a nice blow to the gun nut hunters’ coalition! They can have Hillary Clinton… we’ll take Dirty Harry (in black please)!


  1. Comment by

    Roseann Marulli

    on #

    He’s no Dirty Harry, but he seems kinda dirty: Tommy Lee just went veg for Pamela Anderson. Let’s hope it sticks!

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Clinton is so cruel! I hope she doesn’t win. She’s heartless.

    Clint Eastwood is such a nice vegan. :)

  3. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    I never believed this was true, and now I’ve got proof

    New York Times, December 11, 2008: “…plenty of meat on the menu. Despite what you might have read on Wikipedia, Mr. Eastwood is not a vegan, and he looked slightly aghast when told exactly what a vegan is. ‘I never look at the Internet for just that reason,’ he said.”

    (I also hate his movies, thus I totally have an agenda to rain on his parade.)