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I Totally Want to See This Movie for Halloween

Blood Car Poster

An indie horror film from Atlanta called Blood Car is the latest entry into the not-very-illustrious list of movies with vegan protagonists. (The only other one I can think of is Death to Smoochy.) According to its website:

Blood Car tells the tale of Archie, a tofu-eating, bicycle riding, kindergarten teaching vegan trying to find a way to solve a gasoline crisis by converting wheatgrass into fuel to power an engine. Archie accidentally stumbles upon a solution. That solution turns out to be blood. HUMAN BLOOD!

It’s coming to DVD on November 6, or you can attend a screening in selected cities.

Warning: I have no idea if this movie is actually vegan-friendly, but it sure looks fun. And if horror films reflect the social anxieties of their eras, I wonder what’s underlying this one…?


  1. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    For me, the touchstone of the vampire car genre will always be Upir z Feratu, which I saw on a plane once (and Czech Airlines does not censor nudity or gore, oh no). It doesn’t have an explicit vegan message, but I already have a deep-seated hatred of both cars and killing.

  2. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    sweet november! i think she was vegan. i think that’s what the movie’s called. with charlize theron.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    i totally saw this movie last night and it’s pretty awesome. it’s not overtly vegan-friendly (the vegan portrayed goes psycho), but it’s hilarious.