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I Want A Blog That Lays Gold Eggs For Easter (Green and Black’s Chocolate Review)

Filed under: Food Product Review Sweets

I get a fair amount of spam sent to my SuperVegan e-mail account, and not much else, so it was a pretty exciting moment for my inbox when that e-mail from that guy at Green & Black’s Chocolate turned out to be f’reals. I agreed to host a tasting party and write about it, and he agreed to send me out a box of vegan chocolate bars à la my own personal Golden Ticket. The next night I got dumped by a guy with an even more complex set of dietary needs than me, so the timing could not have been more ironic/perfect when I awoke the very next morn to answer the doorbell in my tear stained PJs and collect my giant box of chocolate from the friendly FedEx man who said that guy was an asshole and didn’t deserve me.

So, I gathered some gal pals of the non-vegan variety and 7 of the 8 chocolate bars (the mint didn’t make it thru break-up fallout) and we followed the instructions for tasting without contracting Tasting Fatigue (TF).

  1. Maya Gold
    “no one wants to hold their nose and i don’t want to taste this one cause I hate orange.”
    “Smooth, cool, orange is very subtle.”
    “Smooth, slightly sour, a touch of rind taste. not good.”
    “Subtle flavor.”
    Cool sensation, light orange flavor and after taste.”
    “gross, cloying. heavy”
  2. Ginger
    “crystalline, I like ginger. It’s interesting. almost like a palate cleanser of chocolate.”
    “spicy, sweet almost fruity, refreshing.”
    “Chocolate a top, ginger at end– too strong, overwhelming — yuck!”
  3. Cherry
    “smooth texture”
    “cherrilicious, delicious, love the whole cherries”
    “complicated. sour in a good way. very strong cherries. tart and sweet.”
    “very smooth, creamy, soft, subtle cherry”
    “chocolate is non-descript. reminds me of Raisinets.”
    “cherry is subtle in a way that doesn’t make me hate it like I normally would with fruit in my chocolate.”
  4. Hazelnut & Currant
    “surprisingly delicious seeing as I hate hazelbutts and don’t appreciate fruit chocolate combos ordinarily.”
    “Really good, a little crunch, yummy. I could eat this every day.”
    “Bitter, crunchy, didn’t detect currants.”
    “light and yummy”
    “Buttery, nice texture.”
    “Like an upscale Cadbury Fruit & Nut. nice dark chocolate smooth with crunchy.”
  5. Espresso
    “wow, dark! creamy. Feels like I’m drinking a cup of coffee Willy Wonka Style– like the gum that’s a three course dinner.”
    “dark, like a little mocha espresso shot.”
    “Intense, dark, heady.”
    “sexy tastes like the smell of your favorite cafe. Nice bitter after taste offsets the richness.”
  6. 70%
    “yum, not too bitter.”
  7. 85%
    “barely taste anything. Maybe I have TF (tasting fatigue)?”
    “Chalky, dries the tongue, rich strong aftertaste.”

So thanks for the taste bud party in my mouth, and any other companies that make delicious vegan things that want me and my ladies to guinea mouth, feel free to contact me!


  1. Comment by


    on #

    I LOOOVE the Ginger flavor and the plain black chocolates…will have to try the Espresso. (I also love the mint that you guys never got to.)

  2. Comment by


    on #

    We get this chocolate on a semi regular basis. We like the espresso flavor best.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Oh, Andrea. I’m SO sorry for the breakup but am so glad that chocolate and gal pals were there for you instead! Sounds like you’re on the winning end of that deal! And G&B’s chocolate & mint is one of my favs of all time. I can understand how it didn’t make it to the tasting party!

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Sorry abut the breakup! The choc and mint is unreal. I also like the Espresso. Mmmm!

  5. Comment by


    on #

    Sorry to hear about the break up. At least you had some good quality chocolate to get your through it! (I love the cherry flavour by the way).