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I <3 Dumplings, Even Fetus Ones


Say “Ahhhh” to Fetus Dumplings

An animal-munching friend of mine told me the other day that after watching the Hong Kong horror flick Dumplings, she wasn’t able to eat any sort of dumplings for months.

The film by Fruit Chan is about a middle-aged woman trying to regain her youth by eating dumplings made of aborted human fetuses. When my fellow vegan friend Deirdre and I watched it, we weren’t grossed out at all and really just yawned when they started chopping up those shiny red fetuses.

None of the fetuses were aborted just to make dumplings, so really, what is so wrong about eating dumplings made from aborted human fetuses?

Note that this is absolutely not a pro-life/pro-choice issue. After the fetuses are aborted for whatever reason, they really are simply biological waste, so why not make something delicious of them instead of flushing them down the toilet? Especially when they supposedly work better than Ester-C!

It doesn’t make much sense that there are apparently plenty of folks who are or could be horrified by a fictional film about eating dumplings made from biological waste yet most of them pay no mind to or see the irony of the reality of how living, feeling animals are killed and chopped up to make dumplings every day.

Whether the thought of fetus dumplings have you grossed out or salivating, I’m sure we can all agree that vegan dumplings are generally yummy.

Best place for yummy vegan dumplings in NYC? Chinatown of course. Check out: Buddha Bodai or Vegetarian Dim Sum House.


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    Add a placenta steak to this and you should have a well balanced meal.

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    Okay, in theory it makes sense to put biological waste to use, but can you personally imagine yourself eating a fetus dumpling? You were not the /least/ bit disgusted? Viscerally speaking it’s repugnant…