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If I could marry a box of crackers, it’d be vegan and cheddar flavored

Filed under: Food Product Review
I've been averaging 2 to 3 boxes of these crackers per week!

I’ve been averaging 2 to 3 boxes of these crackers per week!

The vegan cheezy product that I’ve been jumping up and down about these days is not Chicago Soy Dairy’s Teese or Dr. Cow’s raw vegan nut cheeses, it’s Heaven Scent Eco-Planet’s non-dairy cheddar flavor organic crackers! (The fine folks at Heaven Scent are also the ones who brought us packaged vegan marshmallow rice crispy treats.)

Oh oui, these are indeed cruelty-free versions of those Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers that you so loved and craved from back when you were just a toddler. These are just as tasty and are more awesome since they’re vegan and come in fabulous shapes such as a smiling sun, planet earth, windmill and a hybrid car! (Much too bad that they don’t have a cow-shaped cracker to symbolize and represent the dairy cows who are spared from making the cheese flavor for these crackers.)

Heaven Scent Eco-Planet Non-Dairy Cheddar Flavor Organic Crackers are available at Foodswings in Williamsburg for $3.50, LifeThyme market in the West Village for $3, or online at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe for $3.19 (the title of this post is inspired by “Leah” of Seaford, NY who wrote a review for the product on Cosmo’s).


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    on #

    These are awesome. Food Fight Grocery has them in their mailorder also. Yum!

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    on #

    I’m with you – these are the best! I had to order them from VeganEssentials since I can’t find them anywhere. I think next time I should order a case, because it’s easy to finish a box of these cheezy vegan delights in one sitting.

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    Have you tried them in soup yet? They actually can be a great addition to vegan chili as well (if you like a little crunch):D!

  4. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    I’m intrigued to hear that these are so tasty. When I first saw them a few months back, I refused to buy them on sight because of the fucking “hybrid car” cracker.