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Imus Hates (Adult) Minorities, But Loves Animals and Children

Breaking: disgraced radio host and sometime-racist Don Imus doesn’t hate everyone! Vegan-friendly Imus and wife Deirdre run a free summer ranch camp for kids who have cancer or serious blood disorders. The kids stay in the main ranch house, and learn to ride and care for horses, and help feed cattle, sheep, buffalo, chickens, goats and donkeys. Not only that, but many of the kids who stay at the camp come from minority backgrounds. But this is the clincher: The menu of which the kids partake on Imus charity ranch is entirely vegan.

The whole thing seems to me like a contradiction in terms. The guy runs a popular children’s charity ranch (“fully functional,” by the way), serves vegan meals to the kids, and spouts racist humor on a nationally syndicated radio program. Strange, but absolutely true.


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    On that note, isn’t Howard Stern vegetarian? I seem to remember reading something about his criticism of factory farming. Maybe he’s just a “conscientious omnivore.” I’m surprised about Imus’s ranch. Not thrilled with giving the kids horse riding lessons (sends the wrong message about what animals are “for”), but vegan menu? Damn.

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    *IMUS RANCH NOT VEGAN* I got the Imus ranch cookbook from the library and it is definitely not vegan. I was kind of irked that it said they were vegan, when they use eggs in a significant portion of their recipes and in the food they serve. The excuse is that the eggs come from their organic free-range chickens. And that eggs are “healthy” for these children recovering from life-threatening illnesses. anyway… Eggs are an animal product. Chickens (animals) produce them.

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    Annoying indeed! Eggs are certainly not vegan.

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    Jason Das

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    I agree that eggs are not vegan. But even the most loved and cared for chicken will menstruate. What do vegan animal sanctuaries do with all the eggs? Compost them?

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    buffalo soldier

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    Imus and his wife Deidre on Larry King 5/5/04

    KING: But this is ranch food, you bill it as cowboy food, meaning. Because cowboys are associated with beef. This one’s for dinner.

    DEIRDRE IMUS: That hasn’t changed except for at our ranch. These cowboys that work on the ranch, they don’t have to stay for lunch and dinner. They want to be there. They eat lunch and dinner with all the kids. They love it. They love the food. They still eat their steaks and hamburgers and everything else.

    DON IMUS: She’s not against people. All of our friends are cattle ranchers. We’re not opposed to people eating meat.

    DEIRDRE IMUS: I don’t have any vegetarian friend and I hate most vegetarians.


    DON IMUS: Here’s what we noticed. Because she insisted on this vegetarian/vegan diet — it has nothing to do with (UNINTELLIGIBLE). But because she insisted on that, then they developed all these recipes and got these chefs that could fix it up and make it actually taste good. But what we noticed is the kids have to eat it. Because they’re 50 miles from town. After three days, they’ll eat dirt. What are they going to do. Then we noticed that the cowboys started coming down for lunch. They can go to the bunkhouse, they don’t have to come for lunch. They could go to town if they want. That’s kind of weird. Why would they be coming down to eat? Because it is good. She is not some VEGETARIAN TERRORIST telling everybody what they got to eat. That’s not where we’re coming from. It’s what we do at the ranch and what works there. That’s where the idea came from. If kids — if the two most — people with the most finicky palates on the planet, kids and cowboys, will eat this crap, anybody will.

    As to the ranch, it provides it is a foundation that porivdes a huge tax break for high income poeple. After all of the corporate contributiaoans are added up, it takes in $28,000 per each kid that goes there.