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In the Super Kitchen with Gardein chick’n good stuff

The fine people over at Gardein sent me a box so that I may be your Super Guinea Vegan. Inside that box was a box made out of styrofoam. Inside the styrofoam box there were some frozen meatless technologies on ice! First up:

marinara chick’n good stuff.” Or, as I like to call it: Chicken Marinara!

Two to a pack, these cutlets are breaded balls with sauce and cheese in the middle. The package said, “Enjoy me” on it, so my mock meat was giving me orders. Now here’s what I did, and I’m not claiming to be a Top Chef or anything (Heeey, Jennifer! You don’t MESS in that kitchen.), but I will say that in my preparation for making this, my life has been altered forever. And because I love you, I’mma share:

Did you know that if your local Whole Foods uses Daiya Cheese in their prepared foods department like mine does, that you can saunter over to them with a smile and a soup container from the soup bar and they will fill it with the shredded cassava wonder and charge you for it by weight? A medium tub cost me $3.27, which by vegan standards is basically free.

So, I placed the cutlets on a baking sheet, surrounded by an army of broccoli so that they couldn’t flee, (broccoli sprayed with olive oil Pam and sprinkled with salt and pepper) and baked them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. then I took them out, covered the cutlets in some marinara sauce, covered the marinara sauce in Daiya cheese, and baked them for 5 minutes more.

Verdict: I enjoyed you. I burnt the broccoli; nay, my very very tardy dinner guest caused me to burn the broccoli. I preferred the sauce I put on top of the cutlet over the one already inside, but the chickenry was convincing and the breading was pretty perky for having just gotten off a plane, truck, and my freezer.

This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.


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    Hm. That seems to be the general consensus on the Gardein products: great texture, weak sauce.

    Which Whole Foods did you get the Daiya from?

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    More Gardein kitchen tests on the way, but I’d certainly say that about the buffalo wings tho– which I’m not going to review, but did eat.

    I got the Daiya from the Whole Foods in Venice, CA.

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    Did you know that… Vegan Cheese is just as inhumane as dairy cheese?

    It’s true. Read the article at:

    I used to be addicted to cheese. I was a lacto-vegetarian for 13 years before I gave up cheese.

    I’ve been a Vegan for 17 years now and have not once eaten a fake cheese nor do I eat fake meat. I’ve never tasted tofu either.

    I think there’s far too many people calling themselves vegan but still wanting to eat fake turkey, fake wings and fake meats and other fake animal products.

    People are willing to be Vegan if they don’t have to give up any of the repulsive meat dishes they’ve been trained by their parents to eat… so they are searching for fake meats.

    This trend just opens up the Vegan community for exploitation by all the greedy corporate mass food manufactures… who even lie about the sources, contents and manufacturing practices of the food they push as being vegan.

    Many so-called Vegan restaurants aren’t even 100% vegan… read this undercover investigation of L.A. vegan Restaurants…

    We now have people who aren’t even Vegan blogging in the community just because it is a niche of passionate people they can exploit for profit.

    Real Vegans don’t need fake meats in unhealthy premade dishes.