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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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Inaugural Vegan Drinks: May 29th!

SuperVegan is super-pleased to be sponsoring Vegan Drinks, a new monthly (offline) social/professional networking event for vegans. The first one will be held on Thursday, May 29 from 7pm to 9pm at Angels & Kings bar, 500 East 11th Street (btw Ave A & Ave B in the East Village).

Come meet and mingle, trade business cards, find new jobs, found new companies, organize partnerships, do all that boring but important stuff that’s so much more doable in a room full of warm bodies and cold drinks. Besides, it can get lonely out there; we should see more of each other.

Vegan Drinks is modeled loosely on Green Drinks (a monthly gathering for the inebriation of environmentalists) but has a nicer website and is probably a lot greener given how much smaller vegans’ environmental impact is.

Vegan Drinks will take place the last Thursday of every month at Angels & Kings. Beer will be cheap: $3 domestic & $4 imported. It’s not for the kids, sadly: you gotta be 21. Befriendfan Vegan Drinks on MySpace and/or Facebook, if you like that kind of thing.


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    on #

    I wish I could take advantage of that. I think a little segregation is a good thing; that vegans can start businesses with other vegans, dating, etc. Without this bit of peaceful segregation, I think vegans feel outnumbered, pressured to loosen their beliefs and attitudes to accommodate their peers. Even though I’m not in NYC, I’d like to see how this all pans out.

  2. Comment by

    Josh B

    on #

    As a left-leaning NYC-based vegan who thinks Vegan Drinks is an awesome idea, I’d also strongly recommend Drinking Liberally, which has chapters in all five boroughs. It’s sort of does for progressive activists what Vegan Drinks is aiming to do for Vegans.

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    Veggie Prider

    on #

    With so many vegan tea-totallers among us, I’d be surprised if you don’t have to open this one up to meat eaters….