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Inconvenient Truth-er Responds to Critics

In response to the conspicuous absence of discussion about meat-eating in An Inconvenient Truth, Lisa Day, the vice president of social action and advocacy at Participant Productions, which made the film, told Grist that “what it really boils down to is how much information you can get across in 90 minutes, and what is most compelling.” Are you really gonna tell me that it wouldn’t have been compelling to tell the world about the undeniable connection between diet and global warming? Day notes that she made sure there’s some info on the website for the film. There is. It’s the last item on (the fourth page of) a list of 23 ways you can reduce your impact at home. It’s called “Eat less meat” and is composed of two sentences about methane-belches from cows.

Boy, they really cleared the whole thing up and came down hard on the meat-eaters, eh?


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    There are a lot more than two sentences! See Global Warming: The Inconvenient Truth About What We Eat.

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    I take it you know about the critics accusing Gore of hypocrisies? That he preaches what he does then doesn’t do much in his own life to fix it? PETA recently sent letter to Gore asking him to silence those critics by going vegetarian. I saw this film after having read that article and what jumped out at me was that Gore’s family raised cattle. I’m curious as to whether that was a salient enough factor in his own life to have an impact on his message.

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    mary martin

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    Still waiting for Gore to address the PETA letter. FYI: the footage of cattle ranches in the film are HIS ranches. Here’s what a vegan recently said to me while I was ranting about Gore: No one (okay, maybe some people, like vegans, and we’re not the target audience) would’ve listened/watched if he told the truth about meat and climate change. Oh, and why would they listen, as he eats meet and owns a cattle! Not that I’m excusing him, but he was in a lose/lose with regard to the meat message.

    There really are just two sentences on meat on the film’s website. There are other items regarding food in general on that last page of 23 items: buy local, buy fresh, buy organic, and avoid heavy packaging. But for the meat one to be at the end is irresponsible.