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Is Bigger Really Better? Vegan Bodybuilders Are Lean!

Filed under: Events Sports & Fitness

“Eat your vegetables, girly man!”

Yesterday was the last day of a weeklong gathering of vegan muscleheads in Portland, Ore. (I say “muscleheads” with love in my heart—one of my brothers has been competing for years. Sadly, though, he’s nowhere close to being vegan. And he’s not nearly as lean as guys like Alexander Dargatz.)

What started out as a meeting of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness forum members turned into a full-fledged conference not unlike a veg food or AR gathering, with cooking classes and a visit to an animal sanctuary, and—most definitely unlike a food fest or an AR event—lots of working out.

Organizer and Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness owner Robert Cheeke would like to see it turn into a yearly occurrence and in turn hopes vegan bodybuilders will become more visible. Me too. The more frequently guys like this and Scott Jurek get noticed, the harder it will be for meat eaters to make their bogus claims that vegans can’t be healthy or thrive.


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    Hey :) I’ve been bodybuilding for almost 2 years now and I love it!! I decided to go vegan because I wanted to be healthier and plus my 4 year old is anti-chicken, steak, etc.. (tuna and eggs,ok) I’m so new to this new way of eating and super scared of losing muscle. How do vegans lean out for a show compared to the meat-loving builders?

    Anyways, thank you soo much for an awesome site that I can look to. I’m the only one that I know of in Hawaii attempting this. (EEP!)

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    I have a passion for bodybuilding. I’ve been bodybuilding for 3 years., I want to be a bodybuilder.