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Is Your College Awesomely Vegan?

cafeteria food

I just can’t find this stuff appetizing, even when it’s vegan.

It’s yet another peta2 contest! This time they want to know the most veg-friendly college. The winning school will get a big peta2-sponsored party, and those who vote will have a chance to win a prize pack full of peta2 swag.

NYU was nominated, which I can’t say impresses me too much, unless things have really changed in the three years since I graduated. I mean, sure, NYU has those monthly vegan dinners, but I couldn’t even bring myself to eat that mass-produced cafeteria stuff on a monthly basis, let alone daily.

On the plus side, the neighborhood is overflowing with vegan options… but that’s hardly to NYU’s credit.

Anyway, place your votes here.

Update 11/20/06: And they’ve announced the winners!


  1. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Advice to the college-bound: I’m pretty sure you could eat at the fanciest vegan restaurants every day for four years and still spend less money than you would for college.

  2. Comment by

    bunk existence

    on #

    And buy a car on top of that.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Did you know that Hayden dining hall has decided to discontinue vegan
    night? According to the dining services, vegan food will continue to
    be served in addition to other non-vegan menu items to accomodate
    everyone. Please contact dining services to express your discontent.
    Help us get vegan night back! 212-995-3030