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Is Your Electricity Vegan?

It's like The Matrix, but the turkeys are the batteries and you're the robot overlords.

It’s like The Matrix, but the turkeys are the batteries and you’re the robot overlords.

The first manure-burning power plant in the US opened recently in Benson, Minnesota. The state’s 600 turkey farms generate more than $600 million dollars from 44.5 million birds-per-year. And that leaves behind a lot of manure.

But rather than being an efficient disposal system for this (cruel, barbaric and unnecessary) industry, the plant is actually just so much pork. The process is not energy efficient, and turkey droppings make ideal fertilizer as is. The plant, built by a company called Fibrowatt, is heavily subsidized, to keep industry happy and presumably to keep us off dirty foreign fuels (wouldn’t wanna catch any cooties!).

There’s a big write-up on the front page of today’s New York Times, which includes some choice quotes from Fibrowatt chief executive Rupert J. Fraser, including: “We are completely puzzled by why people would make such a major effort to denigrate what we’re doing.” Rupert, I denigrate all over you.

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