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It’s National Not-Nutella Day!

Keep it Chocoreale.

Keep it Chocoreale.

February 6th is National Nutella Day, at least that’s according to the food holiday calendar I’ve been having fun with lately. Generally speaking, I’m a sucker for food holidays. I love an excuse to pig out as much as any skinny bitch empowered vegan woman, but something about a holiday honoring a non-vegan brand name product curdles my blood. Therefor, I am reclaiming February 6th as National Not-Nutella Day. A day to celebrate homemade hazelnut-chocolate spreads.

Sweat it out in the kitchen while trying any of the three very similar, moderately labor intensive vegan Nutella knock-off recipes found in this thread of the Vegan Represent archives.

Su Good Sweets blog gives detailed directions on how to make two soy-free versions of the hazelnut spread, including one with a caramel-base that at least reads as extra indulgent and supertasty.

Goodbaker, manufacturer of vegan baking mixes, offers a two-step recipe that is certainly amendable to the slacker lifestyle of its clientele. It doesn’t seem like it would produce a super-accurate fake Nutella (it doesn’t require hazelnuts), but it does seem like it would get the job done when stuck between a stale piece of French bread and a hard place.

Chocoreale brand hazelnut-chocolate spread seems to be pretty popular with the five vegan people on the Internet without a cooking blog and hours to spend in the kitchen. Americans can score Chocoreale at VeganEssentials. Brits can buy it at VeganStore. Yeah, it’s not homemade, but it’s still produced with a bad ass knock-off “Not Nutella” holiday spirit.

Bring on the vegan croissants, crepes, French toast, and scones!

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    In Israel there is Parve (i.e. vegan) chocolate spread everywhere. Most Israelis eat it on bread for breakfast.