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Josh Hartnett Gives Up Vegetarianism: Doctors Orders!

Filed under: Celebrities
Apparently, Josh Hartnett did not get picked for the role of Iron Man

Apparently, Josh Hartnett did not get picked for the role of Iron Man

Last week, SuperVegan posted a heated piece about Travis Barker’s decision to give up his vegetariamism on a doctor’s order. Today, we find that Josh Hartnett has done the exact same thing. It troubles me that Josh Hartnett, a vegetarian since 12 would be so blase’ about the whole ordeal (emphasis mine).

“I was shooting a movie in Bulgaria called ‘The Black Dahlia’ and I was boxing for it. I was kind of anemic because I wasn’t eating very much and I was working out all the time. So I went to the doctors to see what he could do.

“He said to me, ‘Do you eat meat?’ When I said no, he told me, ‘You need to eat meat.’So that was kind of it!

So, SuperVegan Reader what do you think? Personally, I think Mr. Hartnett should do his research.

Believe you me, he isn’t the first veggie celebrity to fall off the veg*n wagon for a lame excuse.


  1. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    I predict Josh Hartnett’s fans are less devoted than Travis Barker’s.

    Also, this happened like two years ago but is reported now? Strange.

  2. Comment by


    on #

    yeah…this is UBER lame…more so then that drummer.

    If the doc tell you to jump off a cliff, would you just do it!??@!?@ There are SO MANY vegan athletes….ugh…this is sad sad sad.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    “He said to me, ‘Do you eat meat?’ When I said no, he told me, ‘You need to eat meat.’So that was kind of it!”

    He’s been vegetarian since he was 12–was this seriously the FIRST doctor who’d asked him whether he ate meat? What a dumb excuse–I think he just felt like eating meat again.

  4. Comment by


    on #

    that is laaaame. i’ve seen him at VP2 & Atlas before.

  5. Comment by


    on #

    i just find this sad. a lot people think that we NEED meat to survive but that’s not true!!! uggh…this is disappointing

  6. Comment by


    on #

    Frustrating… I used to get my hemoglobin checked every 6 months, since I worked at a clinic. Always higher than normal (and too high is actually not good since iron is a pro-oxidant–the low side of normal is best). And I’m a vegan menstruating woman who gets her greens in.

  7. Comment by


    on #

    this is really disappointing. we dont need meat.

  8. Comment by


    on #

    Since he shot the movie in Bulgaria, would this mean that it was a Bulgarian doctor? Not to call into question the abilities and knowledge of all doctors in Bulgaria, but could it have just been a cultural thing?

  9. Comment by


    on #

    Josh Hartnett is not much of a role model, anyway….I mean he is a college drop out who worked at both McDonald’s and Burger King.
    Honestly, are we even sure that he is not one of those “vegetarians” who dabbled in meat or chicken or fish anyway??? I mean I work with a woman who says she is a vegan, but eats stuff made with gelatin and chicken broth and had to eat meat when she visited Portugal because she was hungry…..but it sounds cool to say you’re vegan, right??
    By the way, I have been vegan since 1989 and vegetarian since 1982….and would rather starve to death than eat animal products and have traveled around the world where sometimes eating raw vegetables was all that was available…and it was fine.

    Josh Hartnett is and probably always has been a big loser.

  10. Comment by


    on #

    I have a friend who stopped being veggie on a doctor’s advice when she was pregnant.

    It makes me cross because doctors should know better: there are loads of ways of boosting your iron intake which don’t involve red meat (everything from drinking orange juice and avoiding tea to taking veggie supplements). It’s lazy, lazy thinking simply to advise eating red meat. And no, dreamrot, I don’t think it’s a cultural thing… at least in the UK it’s not unheard of for doctors to advise this. Another vegetarian friend started eating fish on her doctor’s advice (for her skin).

    On the other hand, like Canaduck says, I wonder if my two friends also quite wanted to eat meat again, secretly. One doctor’s opinion to change a decade of positive eating choice?

  11. Comment by


    on #

    Oh, and what really annoys me about this story is that because it gets reported in the media, it goes to reinforce widely-held negative popular opinions regarding veggie nutrition.

    It’s kind of interesting that people obsess over iron and protein in meat-free diets, which are not a veggie-specific issue, but know nothing about B12, which is a v-specific issue.

  12. Comment by


    on #

    this guy obviously has “issues”.
    did you ever notice that veganism attracts loonies? it gets them attention for a while and then they move on to another fad like tattoos or relgion.
    i doubt he was sincere about health, compassion and/or environment.
    if you do it thoughtfully, the motivation continues to grow and becomes an ingrained lifestyle.

  13. Comment by


    on #

    We might think of this as ‘grounding’ in nutrition, something that the animal rights movement does NOT help us accomplish.

    There’s SO much fan worship and celebration of celebrities that, though we’re TOLD in doctrinaire ways that ‘going vegan is GOOD for us, we need the SOLID vegetarian movement to help us find balance.

    The AR movement is far more outspoken than (what I’ve deemed) “the SOLID vegetarian movement” (and WERE that the SOLID vegetarian movement MORE solid, we’d likely ALL be in FAR better shape, particularly as we AGE – which we all will do, as we live long enough to see it!).

    The public SEES or HEARS or READS what the outspoken movement says. Nude beauties may show them SOME fit and trim vegans, but the population needs the balance of helping us see everything in proportion, as OUR individual issues arise.

  14. Comment by


    on #

    Do I have to list some vegan athletes? These are people with much higher nutritional requirements than regular joes and they manage to be kick ass athletes while maintaining a vegan diet. So anyone who says they had to stop being vegan/vegetarian because of their health is was just eating a poor diet and will probably continue to eat a poor omni diet too. Clearly Josh Hartnett has no morals or ethics or integrity if this was just a “diet” that he could easily quit and not try and maintain for ethical reasons. I am an active woman and pregnant, yup “making another human being” not just making a silly little movie and yet my doctor isn’t concerned about my veganism at all. I am managing just fine being vegan and pregnant, let me reiterate, making a person and not just a movie,. My doctor does the usual tests and more if I ask and I they are coming back normal. I know someone who said she had to give up vegetarianism because she got anemic and I thought, well you had to be a junk food vegetarian because you couldn’t possibly require more nutrition than say, Brendan Brazier a vegan ironman triathlete, or Mac Danzig a martial arts fighter, or Scott Jurek an ULTRAmarathon runner , or Salim Stoudamire San Antonio Spurs Basketball player. I could go on but the fact of the matter is no one needs meat!

  15. Comment by


    on #

    i can’t believe super vegan eliminated my two innocuous comments.
    talk about hezbollah vegans.

  16. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Alan, please e-mail me with details on which comments you think were deleted and when you left them. Thanks.

  17. Comment by


    on #

    You know, I have to wonder if the meat industry is paying celebs to eat meat.

  18. Comment by


    on #

    I still remember the film ‘Pearl Harbour’ with horror….

    It all depends on why people go vegetarian or vegan in the first place. For me, it was an ethical choice centred around the ‘classic’ principle that eating animals is wrong. Simple, honest, never going to change. But many these days do it because they think it’s fashionable, or will stop them getting old and wrinkly, or because they’ve heard it helps climate change. Depending on the person, going v for anything other than to stop taking part in the murder of animals is likely to be less of a bedrock than it for folks like me.

  19. Comment by


    on #

    I want to be strict vegan, but my doctors have told me I can’t. Some people have different systems that make it so they have to eat certain things. As I nutrition student I know that I was anemic, had Vitamin A toxicity, and was not consuming enough lipids in my diet. Don’t bad mouth people when you don’t know what their health was like. I was vomiting from toxicity on a regular basis and had rashes, fatigue, depression, and mood swings from lack of certain nutrients. Since I have begun eating small amounts of meat and not so many fruits and vegetables I have stopped vomiting and feel 100% better.

  20. Comment by

    Alexander Hawkeswood

    on #

    Maybe you were eating too many carrots! Anyway, whatever the reason or reasons, it’s most likely possible to design a vegan diet that works for you. After all, there’s absolutely no nutrient one can’t obtain on a completely plant-based diet