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Journo Temporarily Becomes Self-Described “Super Vegan”

Filed under: Food Media
Maybe Doug should attend a Denver Vegan Meetup--if he can remember.

Maybe Doug should attend a Denver Vegan Meetup–if he can remember.

Like the BBC’s Justin Rowlatt, the Denver Post‘s Doug Brown has gone vegan–but just for a week. Brown admits to bingeing on “the bloody stuff” for a week before his “journalistic experiment,” but blames his irritability, flakiness and poor memory on the “protein-deprived” vegan “fast.” I wish his vegetarian wife would call him out on some of this meat-headed self-pity.

“Being Super Vegan was sometimes OK, and other times almost harrowing,” Brown writes. I say hardly Super at all. You can reach Brown at let him know that the Guinness beer he uses in his “vegan” stew is filtered with isinglass.

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    What a whiner! And so negative, citing all the crap he “can’t” eat, as opposed to concentrating on all the wonderful things he can. Also, I’ve never understood the one veg/one non-veg couple thing. (He says his wife’s a vegetarian.) I know I’m a snob, but I could never co-habitate with a meat eater. It’s fine to be friends with them and all, but c’mon…