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Keeping An Eye On The Election

Now that the confetti has rained down and the post-celebratory sleep-deprived eyes have set in for the day, it’s now time to take a gander at a few other things that SuperVegan was keeping an eye on.

  • California’s Proposition 2 a measure that regulates how animals can be treated in California factory farms passes with an overwhelming majority.
  • Oklahoma’s Question 742, an initiative that would make hunting, trapping and fishing a right by the state’s constitution was passed.
  • Arizona’s Proposition 105 which could prevent further animal protection initiatives by restricting the process to do so was defeated by 66% percent of the vote.
  • Oregon’s Measure 64 to strictly limit voluntary payroll deductions for political purposes was passed; this measure will impede fund-raising for non-profits such as Oregon’s Humane Society.
  • And, finally, Massachusetts’ ban on dog racing, Question 3 passes.


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    on #

    Interesting (and unfortunate) how, when framed in terms of “your rights” anti-non-human-animal referenda passed, but framed in terms of “their rights” pro-AR/AW referenda passed. Then again, it may be a liberal/conservative divide (Mass. and Cali vs. Oklahoma.) I don’t know the details of Oregon’s to say.

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Thanks for the prompt round-up, Rudy!