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L.A. Does Lunch

Eat Your Veggies is the brain food of Christy Morgan, a trained culinary artist and vegan lunch fairy. For a reasonable sum of Californian dollars, Christy and her magic cooler will show up on the doorstep of your carpeted West L.A. luxury squat (or alternate locations with various floor coverings) with a week’s supply of lunch meals just for you or the offspring you may have birthed to veganate the earth. Each meal comes in a re-usable container with a main dish and two (2!) sides.

As I ate them, I tried to imagine what it’d be like to be so busy I didn’t have time to make or even get my own lunch, so I sat at my desk, pushed my laptop aside, and shoveled it in cold, hard, and fast. If you’re a fan of low-fat, low-cal, cholesterol-free vegan noon-time cookin’ that requires less effort than reading this post, then these lunch boxes just might be for you. I’m more the junk-food vegan type, but of the three entrees (tofu bacun quiche, black bean chili, and lentil salad) the quiche was my favorite. It had an extra delicious bacony flavor that went beyond the run-of-the-mill liquid smoke standard, cute circular forms in a variety of sizes, and was actually better cold than heated (a two minute time saver when you’re knee deep in buying and/or selling).

Find out all the details of this and other Eat Your Veggies services while you’re stuck in traffic and Bluetooth’d into a conference call, then have your secretary sign you up to be on the cutting edge of the new frontier of vegan dining where the hardest part is not eating all five meals on Monday.

Update: That is, assuming the website isn’t down–otherwise check out their blog.

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