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LA interior designers: “huge [dead] animal lovers”

Note the terrified kitty in the corner.

Note the terrified kitty in the corner.

Los Angelinos are not the smartest. Being a native Los Angelino, I reserve the right to say this. Plus this LA Times article about the new SoCal trend of draping McMansions in animal skins totally backs me up.

Interior designers and buyers justify their purchases as a reasonable use of “the byproducts of the animals we eat,” claiming most critics are hypocrites. At least veg writer and activist Judie Stein gets a word in edgewise: “Maybe the popularity of animal hides underfoot is emblematic of society’s growing disrespect for any form of life, whether it be human or animal.”

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    Booo… As a native Angeleno, you should know that L.A. may not have quite as many amazing vegan restaurants as NYC, but we have a lot of them, and a pretty decent AR community, too. One that hates these sorts of things, and actually turns out to fur-free Friday demos in large numbers (ask Last Chance for Animals’ Chris DeRose). Anyway, I have a sense of humor, but I’ve lived here these last 20 years and worked very hard as an activist out here, and to avoid being one ot “those” people referred to in your blog. That said, we do have a lot of idiots there, and you can find them everywhere, but until I finally get to move to Manhattan, I do not want to be lumped in with them!

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    I once wrote a letter that was published in “Elle Decor” objecting to the excessive use of ANIMAL SKINS in interior designs featured in their magazine by a fairly well known designer proclaiming to be an ANIMAL LOVER. I wouldn’t call that marketing technique very smart. The showcased home, which also was the designer’s residence, was located in THE HAMPTONS.