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Latest PETA Investigation: Butterball Cruelty

Filed under: Chickens Farmed Animals
Ben Franklin called me a

Ben Franklin called me a “bird of courage”

On Thursday, PETA’s website went live with the latest investigation of a slaughterhouse in Ozark, Arkansas. 40 days of undercover work between April and July 2006 exposed acts of cruelty at a Butterball turkey plant. Investigation log notes include birds being slammed against transport trucks and walls, punched and kicked, hung by their broken legs, used as punching bags, and even sexual assault, all due to frustration, boredom or desensitization of the workers.

PETA is asking local prosecutors to file cruelty charges. You can also help by sending an email or (even better) a letter to your congress person, as well as sending the undercover footage to your friends and family.


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    Placing the emphasis on making these plants less “cruel” entrenches the idea that its OK to eat turkeys in the first place.

    The PETA website asks “Why Does This Abuse Happen?” and answers it with a bunch of nonsense about regulations and desensitized workers. The only reason why the ABuse happense is because of the USE. Turkeys are abused because they are eaten. Period. But PETA doesn’t bother to mention that.

    “Not eating animals is the best way to help them.” No. Not eating animals is the only way to respect them.

    How can you simultaneously ask people to get birds covered under the “humane” slaughter act and ask them to go vegetarian? Clearly, going vegetarian is only necessary until birds are covered under the act because we only care about the abuse, not the use.

    I’m so tired of this stuff. How can we in the movement continue to support selling out the animals?

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    I don’t agree that pointing out the cruelties in a process entrenches it, or implies that it’s ok. I would think that if you wanted to do that you would proclaim that the process is humane.

    In my personal experience, I point out cruelties because that gets people’s attention and often sympathy, then I follow up with ways to be more compassionate to animals, of course focusing on ways to replace meat consumption with non-animal alternatives.

    Meanwhile, I would ask the government, and my legislators, to expand the admittedly misnamed Humane Slaughter Act to cover poultry, so at least there is some chance that the 100 billion or so birds that will be slaughtered before Abolition Day might not be tortured during their last breaths.