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Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food’s Bite-lettes

Filed under: Food Product Review Sweets

If you’re boycotting Whole Paycheck for any number of reasons, you might want to break that boycott for Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food’s Bite-lettes, which are ping pong ball-sized hunks of what looks to be raw cookie dough. They’re vegan, kosher, low-ish in fat, don’t have refined sugar, and there’s even a gluten-free line. More important, all but one of the seven flavors I sampled are really yummy. My thoroughly unscientific test using meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans resulted in the following, on a scale of 1-5:

  • Lemon-Vanilla: None of the tasters wanted to try it, as none are fans of lemon as dessert. It was shockingly tasty. (Score: 4)
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: Disappeared within moments. (Score: 5)
  • Oatmeal Raisin: Took longer to disappear, as my tasters are I-don’t-like-raisins-in-my-food people. (Score: 4)
  • Anna Banana Split: Couldn’t give ’em away. The texture and creaminess were there, but the sweet banana flavor wasn’t a hit. (Score: 1, but if you like banana flavor, they’re probably a 5; don’t trust my lame group for this one.)
  • X-Treme Chocolate Fudge: Orgasmic, fantabulous, and sure to please. (Score: 5)
  • Better Brownie (gluten-free): A bit chalky. If we didn’t just taste the Chocolate Brownies, we might have scored it higher. (Score: 4)

The downside is that these delectable morsels don’t come cheap. They’re $5.39 per 7 oz. tub of 14 or 15. But I’m worth it.

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    I’ve had the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and the Oatmeal Raisin. Both were very good. It is a challenge not to polish off the whole container in one sitting.