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Livi’s Squirrel Watch: from NYC to Scotland

Gothamist reports on Black Squirrels who have moved on up from the tough streets of the Bronx to Boerum Hill Brooklyn. They also link to a slightly disturbing tale of a Black Russian squirrel mob gutting a stray dog then running off with chunks of its flesh. (This sounds like racial profiling to me.) reports that in Scotland Grey squirrels (who hail from America) might soon be dosed with contraceptives. This will be done in an effort to reduce the number of the foreigner squirrels who are multiplying like crazy and threatening the livelihood of the native born Red Squirrel, in addition to taking all their jobs.


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    From the squirrel reproductive control story: “However, Libby Anderson, from the animal welfare group Advocates for Animals, said she approved of contraception, if it could be proved to work, because that was much better than killing grey squirrels. She said: ‘It has not been successful so far, but hopefully it can provide an alternative to lethal control. We are in favour of any control that does not impact on the welfare of animals. If immuno-contraception can be carried out successfully, that’s fine.'”

    Forced reproductive control doesn’t have an impact on the welfare of animals? Try again. Contraception is not an “alternative” to lethal control. It’s one more form of “managing” free-living animals that animal advocates need to oppose.

    See this article in Friends of Animals’ Act’ionLine: Putting Other Animals on the Pill: Should We, or Shouldn’t We?

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    When I was living in the Chicago suburbs, my grandpa (who was on vacation visiting from Iowa) pulled a shotgun from his RV and killed a black squirrel that was living in my yard. He wanted it for his taxidermy collection because he’d never seen a black squirrel before. Another suggestion for “managing” suburban wildlife.