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Los Angeles Vegan Near Beer Fest

Filed under: Booze California Events Food
You can tell this is a vegan ding dong because the ingredients list is more important than what the treat looks like.

You can tell this is a vegan ding dong because the ingredients list is more important than what the treat looks like.

Over a month ago, LA vegan superblogger (the Heidi Klum of Vegan Blogging) Quarrygirl and Tony from vegan-friendly pub Tony’s Darts Away and just-opened Echo Park Mega Pub Mohawk Bend threw the second installment of their Vegan Beer Fest and I was invited. Okay, fine, everyone was invited but tickets were $40 (proceeds went to ARME, Animal Rescue Media Education).

Here’s the thing about attending a Vegan Beer Fest: you should probably be super into cold frosties. I arrived at around 2pm with the kind of photographer who forgot to bring his camera, and both of us happened to be on the kind of antibiotics whose side effects when taken with alcohol are far far worse than the original symptoms. Neither of us able to drink, and taps being pretty much everywhere, we were left with grub. I was real excited about it, but here’s the thing about attending a Vegan Beer Fest on a June afternoon in the parking lot of the Las Vegas of LA (The Roxy on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood), it’s hot, there’s no shade for us burners, and there was a distinct lack of vegan ice cream for sale. I’m lookin’ at you, Scoops. You need a food truck! (And a website.)

I wanted to try something from every truck, (Doomie’s, Seabirds Truck, Mandoline Grill, Fresh Fries, The Frankenstand, Veg-it-up, Luscious Organic Desserts, and The Mad Kettler!) but sadly, my brain is bigger than my stomach. I made a bee-line for Doomie’s, as I have been a longtime fan of their food despite their name. Doomie’s had a kitchen fire in their restaurant the night before but still managed to make it out with some tasty treats. I had some tacos, a chimichanga type thing, and a piece of chocolate covered bacon. Next, I was going to hit up the Sea Birds truck for the first time, but the line was so long that while waiting in it, my skin started to smolder. With the threat of combusting looming, I line hopped over to the Mandoline Grill truck, my favorite food truck in LA. I don’t know what they do to the ‘fu, but they make some of the best tofu I have ever eaten ever. I ordered everything that ended in os — nachos, and some more tacos. Yum!

While my “photographer” decided to fight heat with fire in the form of a very jalapenoey dog from The Frankenstand, I got one of the last treats from from Luscious Organic Desserts— a peanut butter ding dong.

By this point, we had seen our fair share of vegan-themed T-shirts, and the ding dong and I were melted and stuffed, so we packed up our empty Vegan Beer Fest Shot Glasses and headed to somewhere with indoors and A/C.


  1. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Tell us about this CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON?!!

  2. Comment by

    la vegan

    on #

    Let me get this straight: you go to a beer festival on a hot day, sick on antibiotics and complain because of the heat? and your supposed “photographer” doesn’t even remember his camera? What’s the point in even going and writing up this pointless and borderline negative review?

    LA Vegan Beer Fest was a wonderful event: well organized and loved by all who attended. Next time, stay away and keep your negativity to yourself.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    This is the most worthless post ever. Why even attend a beer fest if you don’t plan on drinking? Also, the reviewer complains about the lack of shade, yet fest took place inside and outside The Roxy. There were plenty of people hanging out in the venue, away from the sun.

  4. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Wow, I was already prejudiced against LA, but those two comments just sealed the deal that I never want to go near the place!

  5. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Though I would love to come for Beerfest. It sounds awesome. We should do one in NYC, too!

  6. Comment by

    la vegan

    on #

    @Jason Das: My comment to this pointless post has nothing to do with being in LA – it would be equally valid in any town. As it is, I’m actually a New yorker temporarily living in LA. Your xenophobia says much more about you than it does about LA.

  7. Comment by


    on #

    This post was really whiny. VBF was dope! And the proceeds went to a great cause.

  8. Comment by


    on #

    Had this been my article, I would have made the camera bare, infected “photographer” sample all the beer, and chronicled that for my readers.

  9. Comment by


    on #

    Yes, drinking and enjoying craft beer is a requisite to having a good time at a beer festival. Is this a review from the perspective of a non-drinking vegan who wishes it was a vegan ice cream fest? I just don’t see the point of this. LAVBF was amazing! The last one in November was also amazing. Granted, if you attend you should plan on sampling lots of different beers and be open to the various styles of beer. Here’s the thing about enjoying yourself at LA Vegan Beerfest: Without the BEER you’re stuck with only the LA Vegan Fest which is just a bunch of people complaining about ticket prices, republicans and… well jeez we find something to complain about with everything, don’t we?

  10. Comment by


    on #

    It’s pointless to go to a beer fest and not drink beer. LA is hot, so get over it. I don’t even know why this person posted this!

  11. Comment by


    on #

    It wasn’t even that hot. I think temperature was in the low 80s, and yes the roxy inside was open if you wanted to get out of the sun. Lots of people were inside and bands were playing onstage. I was outside almost the whole time, except for a couple beers in the VIP area. It was the first weekend of Summer and a beautiful day! Everything was organized really well, LOTS of breweries and an amazing selection of beers were available including some hidden, behind the counter, secret handshake kind of stuff that you just had to know about to get a pour.

    I cannot express enough how much fun the LAVBF has been both times. People keep talking about the food, and believe me the food was excellent and all vegan. BUT this is first and foremost a beer festival and the festivities are about celebrating craft beer. If you’re set on not drinking beer then what kind of time are you expecting to have? The only people i have seen that complained about LAVBF are non-drinkers. You know, vegan or not this is a festival for people that like beer. Too many vegans wanted to come down and only get a non-drinker ticket, which is the least supportive. I saw lots of non-vegans there, just beer lovers who came down, bought a full price ticket and enjoyed the vegan food with their beers. The omni drinkers were all very supportive and enjoyed themselves. This is why the vegans that like beer and are thankful for our own beer festival are irked by such comments. Because it doesn’t matter how vegan you are, if you didn’t come to drink beer then this is not your festival.

  12. Comment by


    on #

    I personally don’t drink. And that’s why I wouldn’t go to a BEER festival..Duh. Why go to a beer festival in LA (where the summers are hot) as a non-drinking on prescription medication and then trash the whole thing in your review?

    This was a stupid article and not helpful to the movement.

  13. Comment by


    on #

    Clearly there was a tonal mis-fire here. My sincerest apologies to those readers who interpreted this as being a negative, stupid, unhelpful, wasted review. I thought peppering in words and phrases like, “best” “super excited” “tasty” and “yum” would convey that I had a delicious time at the fest, my inability to partake in the sudsy goodness notwithstanding. That said, I thought it was hot, there was no shade outside, and if I was to go indoors, I would be separated from purchasing and devouring the aforementioned foods. But thank you all for your comments, they were quite helpful, supportive, constructive and fun reading!

  14. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    If these tone-deaf blowhards showed any sign of ever having read SuperVegan before, or commented on any other posts, we might care what they had to say. Maybe.

    I mean, they’d still be dim bulbs with no reading comprehension skills, no sense of humor, and Magoo-like perspective, but at least they’d be our readers, not just a roving hit squad.

  15. Comment by


    on #

    Well I do read this website for the NYC guide, but the blog posts are becoming increasingly snotty and unhelpful. This post about LAVBF is a complete joke, and the tearing down of Ellen’s new website was unnecessary.

    No hit squad here, just calling out a lazy review and bad writing. “Cold frosties”? Yikes.