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Main Essentials: Nyack New York Vegan Nosh



Living in New York City, I often take the ease of being a vegan for granted; the sheer multitude of options is definitely the impetus for my obliviousness. Every so often, a tour, a road trip or vacation will act like a bucket of water and splash me back to reality.

It’s in those rare moments when I do come across some grub, that I truly appreciate vegan food in all its glory. Even a short trip can lead you spiraling towards a vegan dead zone if you’re not careful.

So, while on a quick jaunt to Nyack, NY recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find not only an option, but a deliciously viable vegan option to boot!

Main Essentials is a relatively new edition to the Nyack Area. It’s Rastafarian fare with a Dominican flare. Owner Enrique Almonte incorporates his Dominican Roots into every Ital dish that he creates and the results are great; slow cooked creations bursting with flavor and texture. The food is buffet styled (much like many of NYC’s Rasta haunts) and fresh juices and Smoothies round out the menu.

Mr. Almonte and Mr. Relic

Sweet BBQ Soy Chicken, Curried Fava Bean Stew, Brown Rice and Collard Greens

The star of the show, Soy Chicken Empanadas

crispy crunchy outside; creamy curry soy chicken inside

Main Essentials is at 145 Main Street, Nyack NY 10960. About 45 Minutes from Manhattan.

Photos by Dodai Stewart


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    good find rudy! nyack is a nice bike ride from nyc over the GW bridge. I propose a bike field trip up to this place…any takers?

  2. Comment by


    on #

    I moved from the city to Nyack and definitely agree it’s so much harder to find good vegan food. I’ll have to check this place out!

  3. Comment by

    Carmen Designermode

    on #

    oh, this looks so very delicious! i am really getting hungry when i see the all of this tasty meals! i always thought about becoming a vegan but at the same time i thought about the consequences it could had. you know, illness, klack of vitamines, hair, nails…but your page is really great and maybe i take it as an early beginning starting a vegan life…

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    on #

    I’ve been eating Enrique’s food for years. Before they moved to Nyack their place was in Haverstraw. Main Essentials is the only place I know in the area that is purely vegan. Only vegan ingredients pass through the doors! Stepping into Main Essentials is like a little island vacation. There’s always a friendly greeting and fresh cooked food. Since I’m trying to get my weight down lately I’ve been enjoying a freshly made vegetable or fruit juice at the their juice bar. Thanks for the article.

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    NIce one rudy! Looks delicious! mhh.

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