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Martha Stewart’s “Vegan Show” Tomorrow. Yawn.

I just wrote a post about a TV show and here’s one more. I’m excited about Sweet Avenger (despite my retching at the concept of a “docusoap”), but I can’t help thinking Martha Stewart’s “The Vegan Show” episode tomorrow is gonna be a losing combination of offensively stoopid and dull. I hope I’m wrong.

Twitter’s Biz Stone seems like a good guy, and I have certainly heard nice things about Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Bauer, but when your other selling points are sharing recipes in 140 characters or less, shots of raw kale and dry black lentils, “veganist” Kathy Freston (I guess I’m glad she came up with a word for being pro-vegan but too lazy to be vegan), and glitter art … well, the glitter art starts to sound like pretty darn great television.

And who wants to wager on the likelihood that non-food related aspects of veganism will be discussed? I expect to hear a lot about weight-loss and nothing about leather.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Man, look what Oprah started!

  2. Comment by


    on #

    I think Martha might do it right. She saw the backlash after the Oprah show, and she actually owns a bunch of farm animals. I think Martha might go all the way, fingers crossed!

  3. Comment by

    Vegan Pimp

    on #

    I’m sure Gene Baur will bring it back home to talk about the inhumane treatment of animals in the meat and dairy industry if they give him enough air time. Kathy might be soft with her message but if she gets more people to stop eating animals because her soft approach is more palatable, than that’s “a good thing” as Martha would say. Just my 2 cents. :)

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    Oprah, pff…Martha actually has genuine concern for animals and just received an award from the American Humane Association. Also, for being a a ‘super vegan,’ it’s surprising that you don’t seem too familiar with Gene Baur.

  5. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Megan from VeganSaurus was there. Her recap is well worth a read for those interested. She has a pretty positive take on it, but I’m pretty sure I still would have been disappointed, cause I’m grouchy like that.

  6. Comment by


    on #

    It was typical Martha. She mentioned several times how her daughter is vegan. The Biz Stone part was good and she let him talk about why he became vegan (a visit to Farm Sanctuary.) I have to say the Setian Bourginon looked delicious!

    There was no talk of leather. The really annoying part was that she put honey in the granola bars with no mention that honey is an animal product. Kathy Freston did not object, and still said it was made with no harm to animals.

    I think it was a good primer for the non-vegan and made being vegan sound really accessible and normal.

  7. Comment by


    on #

    The guests were fine. Kathy Freston did a better job on this than she did on Oprah EXCEPT for not saying anything about the honey in the granola and, as mentioned above, saying the dish was made without harm to animals.

    But to me, the show the superficial. Recipes, cute pictures of animals at Farm Sanctuary, talk of weight loss and being “Veganish.” There seemed to be a very deliberate effort to ALWAYS say “factory-farmed” animals and there was NO mention of “free-range” or “cage free” animals so obviously, there was no discussion of how that is still inhumane slaughter.

    People criticized Oprah for not showing enough footage of the slaughterhouse but Martha showed none. Martha didn’t get her staff to try a vegan diet. She didn’t even do her research – thinking seitan is made from soy.

    I am just happy to hear the word Vegan in the mainstream at all but I wish the message would be consistent. I’m not a Martha Stewart fan at all but I have to give credit to anyone who makes the world a bit more aware of the vegan lifestyle.