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McDonald’s Serves Dairy and Wheat?!

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Look for the pot of gold

Yes, it’s true: McDonald’s serves products that contain dairy and wheat, although you might not think that either are in their French fries. Well, such knowledge has so upset a vegan in Los Angeles that she’s brought a lawsuit against McDonald’s that claims that she “would never have purchased or consumed the French fries if she had known they contain dairy and were not vegan.”

I’m sure this person was truly shocked, but is anyone under any illusions about McDonald’s by now? After all, McDonald’s paid $10 million in 2002 to various aggrieved veggies when it was discovered that its fries were cooked in beef-flavored oil, and then in 2005, settled a lawsuit regarding its cooking oil.

The most famous lawsuit of all must be the McLibel trial, when two unemployed London activists took on the mighty McDonald’s, which won a very Pyrrhic libel victory against the two vegans and had to pay millions in court costs, while the defendants got a chance to educate millions more about McDonald’s practices and cuisine than they would have done if they’d just been left alone to hand out leaflets. In fact, there’s a new movie out about the case. Check it out, here.

Anyway, it should be pretty clear by now that McDonald’s is not a place where a vegan can chow down with confidence! What are you doing in the place!? On the other hand, given the money it’s been shelling out, Mickey D’s clearly has its McCompensations.

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    I am also from Los Angeles and I’m quite surprised and upset. French fries are a go to when out with omnivore friends and it makes vegans seem less picky and “hard to work with” on the whole grabbing lunch front. I hardly ever went to Mcdonalds but I had assumed their fries were safe mainly because of that beef oil lawsuit. I figured hey they learned their lesson of course they’re only putting potatoes, salt and oil (non-meat!) in their fries. Well I’m not going to attempt to sue or anything but I do think it is a shock and this woman has a right to be upset. And just because Mcdonalds is an all together disgusting corporation doesn’t mean that we should EXPECT their fries to contain dairy.