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Media Circus: Burgers, Wine and a Lamb Named Hilda

The New York Times “Dining and Wine” Wednesday feature is right: animal rights/welfare/vegetarianism is getting more press in the last six months than possibly ever before. Of course, three makes a trend–this week, we’ve got five. There’s New York City veggie burgers mapped on Gridskipper (hey, ours is better); “vegan for your heart” in AM NewYork; ambivalent vegetarians on MSNBC; the Times’ Farm Sanctuary versus happy meat piece; and in Food and Wine, the meat-eating “vegetarians” who are convinced by those welfarist foodie arguments.

Ultimately, 40% of the Gridskipper burgers aren’t vegan, amNY has bad facts (“Nuts, avocados, oil: Taboo… In other words, he was asking me to become a vegan”), and half those MSNBC readers are just as meat-eating as the Food and Whiners. Shit, is it summer trend backlash already? It’s not even August.


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    Farm Sanctuary VERSUS Happy Meat? More like Farm Sanctuary PROMOTES “Happy” Meat!


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    UGH!!! is right. It’s still dead. When long time veg friends leap full on back to beef, I can’t ever find the logic in it. How do you drop years of an ethical commitment just like that? This is what I don’t understand. And it happens a lot.
    (Full disclosure: a few years ago I had a disease that caused me to lose a great deal of weight and I was dangerously ill; a friend’s mom convinced me to try eating some meat to gain weight, and because I was a wreck, I agreed. I ate chicken three times over several weeks and the fourth time I was about to order it at some restaurant my inner ethicist screamed at me – HOW CAN YOU DO THIS to yourself and to them? And I never ate meat again. I recovered fully and remained vegetarian.)