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Meet Jason Mraz, Egg Sucker.

Filed under: Celebrities Music
Mr. Mraz only eats eggs this big

Mr. Mraz only eats eggs this big

Jason Mraz is some guy who plays music of some sort. I guess he’s pretty popular. He has a fedora growing out of his head. He was a strict vegan until recently. He’s decided to eat eggs. Not just any eggs mind you: eggs from his neighbor’s chicken. Here’s the scramble from

What made you become a vegan?
I’m actually no longer a strict vegan. I don’t hang out in the cheese section—I don’t even eat cheese. I don’t drink milk. But every once in a while I’ll have an egg. I’m going to eat eggs that come out of my next-door neighbors farm, that’s just the way it is. I just choose not to eat factory food, the processed food, just whole foods, real food. It all started with watching one too many documentaries, or reading one too many books. After a while you just lose your appetite.

I suppose I could go all haterade on the guy. I’m not. I haven’t had coffee yet. I will say two things though: 1. Vegan celebrities can be a double edge sword. 2. Mraz’s song I’m Yours is gonna’ be a big hit someday. It’s really catchy. It could even be in a commercial! Huzzah!


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    vegan zagats

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    No longer a strict vegan? Hi’s no longer a vegan if words still have meaning and I believe they do. Now he’s just a vegetarian. As FoodFight proudly proclaims, Never Trust an Ex-Vegan!

    Rudy, this guy stands a chance, as he sounds quite similar to another surfer/troubadour, Jack Johnson. Seems like when there is one sounds that is embraced, there is a run for everyone to have the same sound to flood the market.

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    As a vegan I personally take no issue with this, and I’m not quite sure why anyone would. As long as his neighbor treats the chickens with appropriate love and respect, we would be hard pressed to find an ethical, environmental, or health related argument against the occasional egg or two. I personally am no longer interested in eggs because I think they’re gross, but I also happen to know that Mr. Mraz spends a huge portion of his time and fame working to save the oceans and reduce global hunger. Jason and his group of musical friends are the perfect example of how to use music to influence people for the best. Just my thoughts :)

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    My biggest problems with Jason Mraz are as follows (in order of importance): 1. He’s an angel sent down from heaven 2. His fedoras were woven from anime baby hair and 3. He needs water to live.

    That’s just the way it is…

  5. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Jessica, some of the problems with backyard egg chickens (not about Mraz’s neighbor specifically, just in general):

    The males are virtually all murdered as soon as they’re old enough to be sexed.

    The laying ladies are often killed/not cared for once they stop laying.

    Just like milk supports the veal industry, eggs support the kill-the-boy-chickens industry.

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    Jason Das

    on #

    Any judgment on the rights or wrongs of eating his neighbor’s eggs aside. Mraz is 100% doing the right thing by saying up front he’s not vegan any more. Maybe he’ll be the guy to come up with a word for whatever his people are!

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    I fully understand the horrors of the egg industry which is why I abstain from their products, but I would presume that Mr. Mraz would only be taking eggs from a neighbor who he trusts and has fully checked out, which is why I said if the chickens are treated with love and respect. I have friends who have chosen to buy a few pet chickens whom they adore and happen to naturally lay eggs. I have no issue with that.

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    The happiness of the backyard hens is not the issue. Pretty much the only place you can buy chickens is from an industrial hatchery or from an ag store that sources chickens from an industrial hatchery that kills male chicks by grinding them alive or suffocating them in trash bags. For every happy hen in someone’s backyard there is an unhappy rooster who met a terrible end.

    Another issue with backyard chickens include the fact that they are shipped through the mail as if they are mere postcards. Many suffer and die from dehydration, stress and rough handling. Visit any farm animal sanctuary and you can meet some of the survivors of mail order chicken cruelty.

    And then there is the issue of unwanted chickens, both females whose egg production declines and males who were not sexed properly and were shipped to someone’s house. Local shelters are flooded with unwanted chickens who are almost always euthanized because the dog and cat shelters don’t know how to handle them and the farm animal shelters are full due to the surge in demand for backyard chickens.

    Sorry to be the downer, but when people commodify animals, the animals suffer every time.

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    If I were in Mraz’s position, I’d be thorough in making sure I was still abstaining from activities that are callous and cruel. Were the laying hens that produce the eggs next door once baby chicks whose 3 day old brothers were killed for being male? if the answer is yes, i wouldn’t touch the eggs, and most likely it will be yes, because even small land holders and at-home chicken rearers use this disgusting method in egg production.

  10. Comment by

    Morgan Descourouez

    on #

    For all we know, the hens could have been rescued. I highly doubt that one of Jason’s friends are trying to partake in big industry, but maybe he wanted some pet chickens. And chickens happen to lay eggs. And if chickens, either from factory farming or not, live with someone who cares, what’s the harm in that? Either way, they’ve been rescued from being eaten.

    I commend Jason’s pseudo-veganism.