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Meet the New Vegan Truffle In Town: Super Foxy Sweets (Plus Exclusive Discount!)

Assorted Super Foxy Sweets truffles in a snazzy wooden gift box, and a bouquet of Sesame Truffles. GIVE THEM TO ME. (Photos by Jean Schwarzwalder)

Assorted Super Foxy Sweets truffles in a snazzy wooden gift box, and a bouquet of Sesame Truffles. GIVE THEM TO ME. (Photos by Jean Schwarzwalder)

I am always so excited to find out about a new vegan business in New York, especially when the proprietors are making delicious sweets for me to shove into my face. February heralded the arrival of Dun-Well Donuts, and Cowgirl’s Baking opened its doors in March. And now, you lucky devils, we have Super Foxy Sweets, a Brooklyn-based gluten-free vegan truffle company offering beautiful and unique chocolate creations.

I interviewed Super Foxy Sweets founder Jane Gish, who was happy to dish on all the details about her new line of treats. Also, people, it’s my birthday this month, so now you know what to send me.

SuperVegan: Who are you and what are Super Foxy Sweets?
Super Foxy Sweets: I’m Jane Gish, a public interest law student, roller derby girl, and perennial kitchen experimenter. Super Foxy Sweets is a brand-new vegan, gluten-free chocolate truffle company. We offer these awesome truffles in lots of amazing flavors like sesame (totally transcendent), cinnamon chili blood orange, pistachio-cardamom, and many more.

SV: What was your motivation to start a truffle-making business?
SFS: A few things all came together: I absolutely adore sweets and chocolate but I don’t consume dairy. I also love to cook and bake without recipes–this truffle was born during a manic deep-winter cooking experimentation session. After I gave some to my friends, all of them had really amazing feedback about the taste and texture, and suggested I sell them! And so, Super Foxy Sweets was born.

SV: What are your current offerings, and what do you hope to have for sale in the future?
SFS:We currently offer gift boxes and sampler packs of a selection of our flavors through our Etsy shop. We also hope to be at several food and flea markets in Brooklyn and Manhattan this summer, where your indecision as to what flavor to buy will earn you a chance to spin the “Flavor Wheel” (think Wheel of Fortune, but with truffle flavors) and taste them in person. We also have been doing larger custom orders for wedding and party goodie bags, which is a great way to collaborate with a customer on an awesome flavor (like peanut butter and jelly). We’re also gathering names for a new program called “Sweets for your Sweetie”–a truffle of the month club that you get for your sweetheart, your roommate, your mom, or even your frenemy. Each pack will include several truffles in one or two seasonal flavors plus a little bonus in form of a love poem, useful phrases in Russian, a sea shanty, or some other such nonsense.

Jane has graciously extended an exclusive offer to SuperVegan readers: Receive two bonus truffles on every gift box bought through Etsy when you mention until June 5th! AND you can get free delivery anywhere in Brooklyn with an order over $25. GET ‘EM, GIRL.


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    Oh MAN New York is so amazing. Wish we could transport just ONE of the vegan restaurants you have to Reno, Nevada.

    Best wishes to Super Foxy Sweets. :)