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MFA Brings Vegan Pizza to Saluggi’s

Imagine it vegan: Saluggi's spinach and garlic pizza. Photo by Rachel Kramer Bussel on Flickr.

Imagine it vegan: Saluggi’s spinach and garlic pizza. Photo by Rachel Kramer Bussel on Flickr.

Saluggi’s pizzeria in Tribeca has Daiya vegan cheese in the house as of Thursday, April 29, at the suggestion of Mercy For Animals. MFA is contacting pizzerias in Manhattan and Brooklyn to ask them to add Daiya to their menus, says NYC Campaign Coordinator Matt Rice. (Hand me my handkerchief! Vegan pizza brings TEARS TO MY EYES.) Saluggi’s is the first restaurant MFA’s contacted that has agreed to test-run Daiya. I said test run, which means get your ass over there and eat ALL THEIR PIZZA so they keep Daiya in stock. And hey, maybe they’ll add more vegan options, like vegan pepperoni or sausage HINT HINT, SALUGGI’S, ARE YOU LISTENING?

Huge thanks to MFA for spreading vegan pizza! Do like MFA and bring vegan food to traditional restaurants by encouraging them to stock up on your favorites!


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    I’m there right now eating the “grandma’s pizza”. It’s delicous!! =D

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    Mercy for Animals contacted me at my home yesterday about using Daiya on my homemade pizzas. It may have been a joke but they did have my social security on file; so it was probably them.

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    I love daiya cheese. Made some lasagna with it last week to bring to a work pot-luck. Rave reviews.