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My Mom is Vegetarian; I Dare You to Make Fun of Her!

Filed under: Activism
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Proving that persistent education can change hearts and minds, my mother recently went vegetarian. Over the past twenty years I have relentlessly barraged her with information and included her in animal-friendly events with this hope, but to say that I am proud of her decision is an understatement; she is a caring, open-minded lady and now her diet reflects the compassion she has always instilled in me.

Like most new vegetarians, my mom is now being admonished by “concerned” friends and relatives who unabashedly scrutinize the contents of her plate and question her sanity. This is a rite of passage: we have all endured this kind of initial confrontation and it eventually fades because carnivorous superiority magically dissipates in the face of the confidently informed.

But in this case, what her detractors don’t realize is that she has been studying for this post for decades… by defending her daughter. So, unlike a young me who may have initially been bullied into silence, she is prepared; her technique is flawless, resolute and refined.

Needless to say, I am impressed both by her ability and the new and varied audience she is reaching. But as her offspring I simply want to say, “Leave my mom alone!”

The truth is: she is doing a stellar job. And if people were to actually leave her decision alone, she would have no such opportunity. Let’s face it, if my mom had left me alone all those years ago, I wouldn’t have shared my newfound knowledge with her along the way and she wouldn’t be vegetarian today.

So, to all the carnivores harassing newbie veggies around the world: keep it up! The more you bully, the more we’ll educate. And one day you might wake up to find it has all sunken in and we’ll say, “Welcome, friend; enjoy.”


  1. Comment by

    Melissa Bastian

    on #

    Nice! I can only say that I’ve occasionally convinced my parents to make a vegetarian meal. Oh, they’ll make a vegan dinner for me and my vegan fiance – but then eat that as a side dish to their meat. *sigh* Still, your story is so full of hope! It’s all about planting seeds isn’t it? :D

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Abigail, good on you! Continue with the education.

    I have been a lifelong vegetarian (raised as one by my folks and have continued as one in two decades of adult life). I work out regularly, am totally fit and am told look vastly younger than I am. I attribute that to my veg. diet (and my daily mantra meditation)! Most Americans are unused to someone being a lifelong vegetarian (and being healthy for it!).

  3. Comment by


    on #

    My mom is vegan and I wish people wouldn’t pick on her, either!

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Awesome! I got my mom to go vegan too! Almost a year now–what finally did it for her was health benefits (since going vegan, her diabetes has pretty much gone into remission).