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My Visit to the Foodswings Eating Contest

You can see more of my pics here.

You can see more of my pics here.

So I schlepped out to Williamsburg for the Vegan Buffalo Wing Eating Contest at Foodswings. I missed the first few minutes, but was still able to squeeze into the packed room. I don’t think I missed much–15 minutes is a long time to just watch people stuff face. The stereo was pumping, mostly jock-rock anthems, but also in the mix was Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier. This would have to be about the only forgivable context for playing that song in public.

Congratulations to winner Dan (17 wings!) and runners up Marc (15 wings!) and Corey (13.5 wings!). And congrats also to Freedom and the Foodswings team for pulling this off. Vegan New York needs more fun ridiculousness like this!


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    did anyone hurl?

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    Jason Das

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    Actually, when I arrived, there was some dude crouching on the stoop next door, rocking back and forth while his lady friend consoled him. I think he may have been a drop-out/disqualification but I’m not sure.

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    Sounds like it was fun. However, I get disappointed to see eating competitions when we all encounter starving people in this city every day. Maybe next time the food could be donated to people who would appreciate it. (Not to say the competitors didn’t enjoy it!)

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    Looks like it was a good time! I will add them to my website, Vegan Eating Out soon:

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