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Nasturtium: New Vegan Dinner Party Blossoms in Brooklyn!

Winegard gives turnips the gourmet treatment.

Winegard gives turnips the gourmet treatment.

If you are growing bored of anonymously eating the same dishes at the same old restaurants, Nasturtium might be for you. Nasturtium is the newest vegan dinner party in town. Hosted by Chef Scott Winegard, a friendly six-foot-something hardcore guy who has worked in the kitchens of various restaurants including Pure Food and Wine, Broadway East (back when it was veg), and Angelica Kitchen, the dinner party aims to bring his signature fresh twist to vegan dining and socializing. As a gardener does with the spicy, carefree edible flowers which inspired its name, Winegard plants seeds in the form of a delicious meal made of seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients and hopes that friendships and a colorful evening will grow.

The first Nasturtium was thrown back in December and the menu featured handmade chestnut-sage ravioli and Bubble & Squeak (yum!), but those of us who missed it won’t have to wait long for the next. There will be a second on February 20th at a secret location in Greenpoint. The five-course, four-hour dinner party is $50, BYOB, and features desserts by Elena Balletta who is Counter‘s current pastry chef and another Pure Food and Wine alum.

Check out the Facebook Group to see pictures of the December party, RSVP for the February party, stay informed of future events. If you don’t live in NYC, Nasturtium might just come to your city— Winegard’s been invited by friends to host dinner parties in LA, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and even Berlin!


  1. Comment by


    on #

    I would so go to there.

    (Two Olivia posts in one week! It’s like winning the lottery!)

  2. Comment by

    Daniel Sherman

    on #

    Scott..what’s up?? you remember my name…we went to HS’ve popped into my mind over the years and I see you’re in the restaurant business (sorry) lol..i am also…i’d love to come in and check it out one night…be in touch, and hope all has been well with you!