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Natural Expo West Part I: The Cheeeses

Heya SuperVegans! I return from my second sojourn to the Natural Expo West a.k.a. Veganomicon with blisters on my feet, new bulges in my mid-section, and tales to tell! So much time so little to see. Strike that. Reverse it. Taking a cue from the pain of my previous year’s experience, I went to the convention two times this time around. I saw people and product. I snacked and chatted. I snapped pics and took notes. And the fruit of this “labor” is a multi-post about all the best stuff I suggest you to seek out and purchase this year. There’s so much to HTML about I’ve decided to break it up into groupings, so as not to overwhelm you with all these delights. Part One? “Cheese!”



If this was a beauty contest they’d have the looks, the brains, AND the personality. I’m not gonna lie, these people are my favs and their products are awesome. I tried a lot of things at the Chicago Soydairy booth: their nacho cheese (which I want to be bathed in), their soft serve ice cream (which I want a trough of), their Dandies (which I want atop everything, and as a side note, please write to them and tell them to start selling their Marshmallow Fluff) and their straight up Teese. This stuff is outrageous for the following reasons:
A1. In their tube casing, they can be stored UNREFRIGERATED for appx. 6 months
A1.1.They are low in fat and have way less of it than Daiya. One serving size of Teese (28g) has 1.5g of fat, none of which is saturated or trans and only 50 calories. The same amount of Daiya will hit your hard Vegan bod with 6g of fat, 2 of which are saturated, and 90 calories. So if you’re chubbs and looking to loose a ellbees, this is the cheeese for you.
A1.1.1. They have four (4!) flavors: mildly spicy nacho sauce, mozzarella melts and stretches, creamy cheddar sauce perfect with macaroni, and cheddar melts and stretches.


Galaxy Foods has been around for a long time. They go back to the Days of Vegan Yore when sometimes it was better to eat no vegan cheese at all than what was available. Some of their products have been good (their parm sprinkle and their cream cheese), some not as much. Not anymore– they have seen the advancements brought to the Vegan cheese world by the likes of Teese and Daiya and have worked hard to meet them. Their new Vegan Mozzarella and Mexican flavor shreds melt, stretch, taste good, and launch in April. Good for you, Galaxy! If your cheeese costs my credit card less than Daiya I will buy these resealable bags n’stead.

Food For Lovers

The ever adorable couple had a few new products on display– the one that belongs in this category* is a Mild version of their Vegan Queso. If Original is too spicy for you (it’s pretty spicy!) then this stuff will be perfect. It’s got all the same flavor with none of the mouth pain. In other news, remember all that angriness over recipe stealing with Nacho Mom’s? Well Chris, Crystal & their high-powered attorney have been forced to sue their former food manufacturer seven times. A fan of a li’l Vegan Drama, this story would be a great one for Law & Order to rip from the headlines, dontcha think?
*other new products will be discussed in a later expo post


Last and certainly the most giant is Daiya. These people built a whole Daiya City. Daiyaville. The Tower of Daiya. Mt. Daiya. Now I see where my $6 per bag is going!

Let me tell you about the new Daiya wedges you may have seen me prematurely mention on facebook. There are three flavors: Jack, Jalapeno Garlic Havarti, and Cheddar.

They were good! I made no less than three drive-bys to Daiyapolis for their primo samples. The Jack and Havarti were the best of the good, with lots of previously un-seen flavors. The Havarti in particular has a real nice kick to it. The cheddar is the same as their shreds, and is best used in or on things– it’s not as great on its own. They are soft in texture — more like Velveeta than Shreese. These guys should be available in all the same places the shreds are currently sold in in about 2-3 weeks for about the same price (read: $$$). Supposedly the packages reseal…

And lastly, in Vegan Gossip, I heard from the lovely ladies of VegNews Magazine, that a Vegan Brie might be in our not so far away future!

This is just the tip of the expo iceburg! Next up; Meatless Technologies.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the recap. I can’t wait for the daiya wedges but am now very interested in finding the “teese” brand. I never see it at my whole foods, where do you buy it?

  2. Comment by


    on #

    I was at the expo but didn’t see Teese! Yes, where do you buy it and what is the price? Also, what is it made of?

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Thanks for your comments!

    The first ingredient in all four flavors is Organic soymilk. As for where you can purchase teese locally, go to and put in your zip! if nothing comes up, I’d suggest asking your local whole foods to start carrying it and, in the meantime, buy some on the internet from one of the many shops listed at that above link! Online, a tube is about $4.29.


  4. Comment by

    Princess Cake

    on #

    Yes, teese is difficult to find. They dont carry it everywhere. Thanks Andrea, i found some online!

  5. Comment by

    Chicken Marinade

    on #

    I finally got my order of Teese thanks to you. I love it and i really like the fact that it can be stored for a long time. Thanks for letting us know Andrea.